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Decision To Commit Suicide Essay

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DECISION… He is waiting at the railway station sitting on a half broken bench alone. Suddenly the cool breeze of November night sends shivers down his spins. He trembles a bit and looks around the station for the third time. No wonder it offers him the same scenario, a dilapidated old house facing the dirty, deserted platform surrounded by the darkness of night. He tries to remember the name of this station but fails. "Well, why do I need to know the name? All I need is the passing through of a train," utters the man slowly. And then looks at the mist outside the station so ...view middle of the document...

He starts walking to the tree and finds an old man covered with a tattered blanket."It must be a hallucination…some kind of trick of this mist and darkness" he soothes himself after seeing the ragged old man's face that horribly matches with his grandfather. He was only 4 when his grandfather died. Now this sudden appearance of the holy apparition in such a moment surprises him a lot. "What could probably be the reason?" wonders he with a curious mind. His thought breaks off by the sound " Water…water…" He looks at the old face and something happens to him. The dark night, isolated station, his decision, this mysterious old man…all these things cross his mind like a quick flash of light and he feels mesmerized. "Water… please" cries the dying man again. He seems to be awakened and runs towards the tube well at the other side of the platform. He looks around for something to carry the water and he hears the sound of the upcoming train… "Yes, it's the whistle! The train is coming!" The dazzling headlight tears the darkness of night. The desired moment has arrived, the moment he was waiting for so many days. He steps towards his goal, his destiny-the train, but suddenly the 'apparition' of his forgotten grandfather knocks the door of his humanity…and he takes a new decision looking at the running train.

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