Paper On Decision To Commit Suicide

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DECISION… He is waiting at the railway station sitting on a half broken bench alone. Suddenly the cool breeze of November night sends shivers down his spins. He trembles a bit and looks around the station for the third time. No wonder it offers him the same scenario, a dilapidated old house facing the dirty, deserted platform surrounded by the darkness of night. He tries to remember the name of this station but fails. "Well, why do I need to know the name? All I need is the passing through of a train," utters the man slowly. And then looks at the mist outside the station ...view middle of the document...

He starts walking to the tree and finds an old man covered with a tattered blanket."It must be a hallucination…some kind of trick of this mist and darkness" he soothes himself after seeing the ragged old man's face that horribly matches with his grandfather. He was only 4 when his grandfather died. Now this sudden appearance of the holy apparition in such a moment surprises him a lot. "What could probably be the reason?" wonders he with a curious mind. His thought breaks off by the sound " Water…water…" He looks at the old face and something happens to him. The dark night, isolated station, his decision, this mysterious old man…all these things cross his mind like a quick flash of light and he feels mesmerized. "Water… please" cries the dying man again. He seems to be awakened and runs towards the tube well at the other side of the platform. He looks around for something to carry the water and he hears the sound of the upcoming train… "Yes, it's the whistle! The train is coming!" The dazzling headlight tears the darkness of night. The desired moment has arrived, the moment he was waiting for so many days. He steps towards his goal, his destiny-the train, but suddenly the 'apparition' of his forgotten grandfather knocks the door of his humanity…and he takes a new decision looking at the running train.


Essay On Teenage Suicide

2013 words - 9 pages committing suicide by the thousands each year, thus making themselves a fatal statistic but unfortunately, intervention often does not come soon enough to prevent teenagers from making an irreversible decision on what may have been a temporary problem.One of the biggest problems in dealing with suicide is that there are numerous myths and facts that need to be separated. Both, myths and facts make it difficult to realize and/or deal with suicidal

Suicide: Causes And Effects Assignment

379 words - 2 pages Suicide in General.Thousands of teenagers commit suicide each year, but how many people actually take the time to find out why they took they're lives? That is one of the main things I wanted to find out. Why teenagers commit suicide and whether or not their peers could have detected warning signs. I want to know what they're thinking about when they just about to kill themselves, or at least an idea of what could be going on in there heads

Durkheim Suicide: Talking about how Durkheim describes suicide - Sociology - Sociology

853 words - 4 pages about this. They studied Now I will briefly discuss about the other two suicides Altruistic suicide and Fatalistic suicide. Altruistic suicide could be said to be caused by “insufficient individualism”. This ultimately means that someone feels the need to commit suicide for a cause or a belief. Durkheim tells us that this practice is a norm in “non-western countries”. E.g. Suicide bombers, Women throwing themselves on the burning caskets of their

Pros vs cons of doctor assisted suicide - senior ib class - debate

1494 words - 6 pages can’t we make the decision when it comes to ourselves? Physician assisted suicide provides a safe, regulated option, making the process painless and allowing everyone in the patients life to be aware of their death and prepare appropriately. Figures disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act show that just over seven per cent of suicides over the past five years involved people with a terminal illness in England, where doctor assisted suicide

Why people should have the option to die with dignity - English 102 - University of South Carolina - Research Paper

2206 words - 9 pages Rose 1 Savannah Rose Dr. Bland English 102 23 April 2018 Why People Should have the Option to Die with Dignity Death with dignity or assisted suicide is a highly contentious topic and is defined as “suicide undertaken with the aid of another person, sometimes a physician.” (American Heritage Dictionary) Opponents of assisted suicide contend that it is immoral and should remain illegal, regardless of a terminal diagnosis and diminished quality of

Its The Classification Essay On Depression With The Correct Format

553 words - 3 pages self-loathing before one reaches a point of suicide.Although there is a strong link between suicide and depression, suicide should only be considered if the individual indicates intent to die. A common myth is that asking individuals if they are contemplating suicide affects their likelihood to attempt or complete suicide. Individuals who are more likely to commit suicide have a very low self-esteem, and they express feeling that they are not

A Brief Overview Of The Susan Smith Court Case

1070 words - 5 pages égé in the middle of the ramp. At first Mrs. Smith wanted to commit suicide. She shifted the Mazda into neutral and felt the car slowly begin to roll down the remaining length of the boat ramp. The car only traveled a few yards before Susan stepped on the brake. She opened her door and stepped out of the car. Her attempt at suicide was not accomplished but that little incident didn't conclude her big scheme (Crime Library).Susan Smith

Should Physician-assisted suicide be legalized in Minnesota? - bioethics - paper

830 words - 4 pages Free 1 [Type here] Tenzin Seldon Bioethics Exam #2 Paper 2) Should Physician-assisted suicide be legalized in Minnesota? The question of the legalizing physician-assisted suicide is extremely controversial, as it incorporates mixed views of ethics and morality. For this paper, I will focus on three of Callahan’s arguments against physician-assisted suicide: self-determination, the differences between killing and allowing someone to die, and the

Should Euthanasia Be Legalized In Canada? (FOR)

776 words - 4 pages Euthanasia should be legalized. No one should have to experience their body disintegrate if they do not want to. Euthanasia is controversial because suicide is involved, but little do we realize that there are some things we do everyday that help us commit slow suicide. Euthanasia is also extremely beneficial to the health-care system. As free individuals, having so many rights, why shouldn’t we have the right to determine when to terminate

Abortion: Wrong Or Right?

740 words - 3 pages of school, have nervous breakdowns, and even commit suicide. Research shows that it can be unsafe for young teenagers to go through with pregnancies; they can die because their bodies aren't mature enough. Many teenagers cannot provide the right conditions for raising a child for they are still children themselves. The effects of having a baby can result in an end in a future career, meaning that there is a high possibility of the mother and child

Boys will be boys

471 words - 2 pages commit violent crimes and end up in jail. A recent study that was done at children's hospital in Boston found that boy babies are more emotionally expressive than girls are, which explains why boy babies are more inclined to cry when they're unhappy. In the article, it is stated that "boys have higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which inhibits aggression and impulsivity. That may help explain why

Jail Suicide Prevention

1739 words - 7 pages occur.The majority of inmates commit suicide between the hours of midnight and eight A.M.,usually occurring on a Saturday in the month of September (Winkler 1992). The actstake place at these specific times and days due to the fact that officer supervisionis greatly decreased at these intervals. Despite the fact that supervision is sodecreased, the victims are usually found within 15 minutes.Research has also been consistent in identifying other

"Girl Inturrupted"- Short Resume

443 words - 2 pages 'Girl Interrupted' is a film set in the 60`s where, sex, drugs and big glasses are in.Hippies embodied this era, making it a memorable age. This movie depicts a darker side of the hippie-filled era where our protagonist, Susana (Wynona Rider), is committed to a mental ward. The story starts with Susana on a chair smoking a cigarette, as she does through most of the film, conversing with a psychologist about her attempt to commit suicide by


4326 words - 18 pages following are well recognized risk factors for SI, SA, and suicide: gender, family environment, physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, change in surroundings and housing, and social and economic status (Amitai & Apter, 2012; Black, 2014). In more modern and westernized nations, studies indicate that young males are seventeen percent more likely to commit suicide than young females, however, females are twenty-five percent more likely to

Ethics, Values and Self-Awareness - soci - reflection

1135 words - 5 pages experiences influence my own values helps me to be more aware of my own self. Having an aunty who committed suicide that made my family, especially my grandmother, sad and miserable, I personally feel bad for this people who have the intention to end up their lives. However, this might effect me to make the most appropriate decision when a person who has the will to commit suicide seeks help from me. Moreover, its may sometimes hard for me to develop