Dignity Of The Human Person And Photography Common Good Essay

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The Dignity of the Human Person by the Means of Photography
The Common Good, also known as, “the benefit or interests of all.” Regardless to whatever opinion you may have towards Photography, it can be home to some highly robust arguments. Although for some, the Common Good can be rewarded from the selflessness of particular practices for example, advertising charity, yet it doesn’t cover all walls against social, mental, physical and all other primary problems the human person faces from the act of being selfish.
One of the biggest issues with Photography and many other occupations is the abundance of altruistic personalities in the human person due to the enormous competition between others, from paparazzi all the way to event photographers. This not only goes against the idea of Dignity of the Human Person but also the Common Good of the importance of giving respect to all. This is mainly due to the lack of shared information and the use of artificial editing, meaning that most successful photographers get their wealth from creating artificial works from the natural elements of reality. Which distinguishes the idea to people that we and everything around us should all look a particular beautified way which corrupts the dignity of the human person to a level of sensitivity between other individuals and their thoughts between their “imperfections”, yet the imperfections were only made by the individuals who failed to sacrifice the dignity of their selfish-mindset which has now become the norm. In my opinion this is evident exploring that it is easy to make being feel less of themselves from issues such as jealousy, depression or comparing to a hig...


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