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Feyisetan Bello
​ ​Research-Organic Compound and Everyday Life
Chemical Formula
​Penicillin (PCN or pen) is a group of antibiotics which include penicillin G
(intravenous use), penicillin V (use by mouth), procaine penicillin, and benzathine
penicillin (intramuscular use)
​ ​ ​( IUPAC) And Common Name For Penicillin
3,3-Dimethyl-7-oxo-6-(2-phenyl acetamido)-4-thia-1-azabicyclo [3.2.0]
​ Discovery
Sir Alexander Fleming was a Scottish researcher and physician scientist that was
recognised for discovering Penicillin​ in (1881-1955)​. The discovery and development of
penicillin changed the entire direction of approaches to treating infections diseases and
saved the lives of millions of people. Indeed, the development of penicillin was a
watershed event in the battle against infectious diseases.The discovery of penicillin
was only done by accident.
​ ​ Method Of Preparation
The changes in pyruvic acid level of blood samples treated with different
anticoagulants, inhibitors and haemolytic agents have been investigated, the results
obtained are in harmony with the occurrence of the following two reactions (Pyruvate
+Triosephosphate) .
​How Does Our Society Produce Penicillin
Penicillin is a secondary metabolite of certain species of penicillium and is
produced when growth of the fungus is inhibited by stress. It is not produced during
active growth. Production is also limited by feedback in the synthesis pathway of
α-ketoglutarate​ + ​AcCoA​ → ​homocitrate​ → ​L-α-aminoadipic acid​ → ​L-lysine​ +
The by-product, l-lysine, inhibits the production of homocitrate, so the presence
of exogenous lysine should be avoided in penicillin production. The penicillium cells are
grown using a technique called fed-batch culture, in which the cells are constantly
subject to stress, which is required for induction of penicillin production. The available
carbon sources are also important: glucose inhibits penicillin production, whereas
lactose does not. The pH and the levels of nitrogen, lysine, phosphate, and oxygen of
the batches must also be carefully controlled.
​Environmental Effects of Penicillin:
The effects of penicillin on the environment are still poorly understood. One major
concern is the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that can critically
disturb natural bacterial ecosystems and lead to a serious threat to human health. ​The
obvious effect on society has been to save lives as well as disabling or disfiguring
infections. I think the end result on society as a whole is a question for economists and
social scienti...

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