Does Othello Truly Love Desdemona English 1302 Essay

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24th March 2019
Does he truly love her?
Love is what everyone experiences in their life at least a few times rather that may be receiving love or giving or just embracing it from others to make us feel good and happy inside. It’s the main thing us humans crave for to experience some would even kill for the love but others would say how can you kill someone who you truly love and in this play Othello he truly doesn’t love Desdemona because of his own insecurities and trust and jealousy issues he has with himself and others it is clear he loves his honor and prestige is worth more than Desdemona even though he has great admiration for her because he loves her out of pity but that is all it will ever be his love isn’t pure to her as most people would think. “She lov’d me for the dangers I had pass’d./ And I lov’d here that she did pity them.” (167-168)
What is love? According to the book of “the meaning of love in human experience”. It has many theories to what love is and to what love is not it can be...

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