Echo Generation: Do You Hear An Echo?

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Echo generationDo You Hear an Echo?The echo generation cannot be ignored in the new millennium. They are the offspring of the baby boomers and are those children who were born in between 1980 and 1995. As the boomers age and become a less important role in society, media and other areas of influence are presenting new messages directed towards those teenagers and young adults the make up the echo. With a population of 6.5 million in Canada, the echoes have become the second most important group of the population. Of course the boomers still make up the majority of Canada's populace, but the echoes are approaching the work force as an assembly with a broader and generally better education ...view middle of the document...

What's even more frightening is that youth crime is no longer merely petty theft, but brutal violence, often murder. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the increasing violence and violent content in our media is sexual cruelty and hostility being displayed as normal and even humorous.Freedom of speech is one thing, but when certain musicians preach about the exhilaration of beating their wives or murdering a loved one, even a constitutional right can be taken for granted. What does this say to the nation's children? Who's to say that young, impressionable children will not feel that abuse is an appropriate way to display signs of affection? It is apparent that the message the youth are being brought up with is the best kind of love is purely sexual, as in the cases of eros and agapao. The media has refuted good old-fashioned brotherly and unconditional love. It has almost become a case of what's cooler. The young gentleman who holds open a door for a kind old lady will probably be laughed at and ridiculed. The odds of such a young man or woman repeating this act are slim to none. Conceivably, though, it is not entirely the kind-hearted youngsters fault. Why should an old lady trust a teenage boy or girl? After all, aren't we the rebellious young criminals that are portrayed on the television every night? It seems that every generation becomes more skeptical than the one before it. With cases in the news (even in our very own quiet and highly rated metropolis of Calgary) of young adults raping and sexually assaulting senior citizens, I can state, with a clear conscience, that the older generations have a right to be fearful and skeptical. After all, shouldn't they know the best? They raised us, gave us wooden swords and plastic guns and said "sure go play war in the back yard". With the whimsical words of wisdom being preached by your local Eminem, there is no question why sex has become the whole objective of even pre-teens. Take for example the chorus of Eminem's song Kill You:B*!$h I'ma kill you! You don't wanna f!*# with meGirls neither - you ain't nuttin but a s#!t to meB#*!h I'ma kill you! You ain't got the balls to beefWe ain't gon' never stop beefin I don't squash the beefYou better kill me! I'ma be another rapper deadfor poppin off at the mouth with s!@% I shouldn'ta saidBut when they kill me - I'm bringin the world with meB!@%$#s too! You ain't nuttin but a girl to me.. I said you don't, wanna f%$& with Shady (cause why?)Cause Shady, will f*%$!n kill you (ah-haha)I said you don't, wanna f!@% with Shady (why?)Cause Shady, will f*&%$n kill you..This song is clearly designed to degrade women and make them appeal to men as nothing more than sexual objects. The sexually based culture is not only limited to North America, in fact it is considered even worse in Japan.Reading an article on the internet, I came across a section that indicated the relaxed views of the Japanese towards sex. In this article it mentioned that it was...


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471 words - 2 pages I do agree with the above statement because of what the Amendment stands for and protects. I personally am a believer in the old adage that's its better to let one thousand guilty go free than to convict an innocent man and the Fifth amendment lines up with my beliefs. This is an amendment that's about protecting the common man from a potentially cold government and tyrannical government. It guarantees a certain level of civility from the court

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1176 words - 5 pages Midterm Exam Review 1. HTML You must master these tags (elements): defines a hyperlink bolds text defines a section that is quoted from another source defines the document body line break emphasizes text starts html documents, defines info about the document largest html heading smallest html heading defines an image input control list item determines the RS btwn a document and an external resource ordered list defines option in a

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854 words - 4 pages a room and stated that the patient inside was not breathing. Barbara, who was charge nurse, immediately shouted for someone to call the code overhead. As she sprinted to the room she could hear the alarming echo of the page "code blue" overhead. This was her very first code blue, she felt the pressure as she hurried.The patient, a woman in her 50's, large in size, was there recovering from a stroke.Barbara noted her blue face and lips as

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472 words - 2 pages . Through the old sash window i catch a glimpse of a group of young children playing by the islands shore and hear their indistinct yet boisterous chatter. I inhale, bringing in the scent of the oceanside as i begin packing my clothes into my untapped suitcase. Having a final view of the now emptied room, with its aged paint chipped walls and old wooden wardrobe that's creaks would echo through the house, i begin to grow wary of my intentions. The image

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404 words - 2 pages Free Just about everyone in today's world has a set routine they follow without flaws everymorning. Some people may get out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, and thenpamper themselves. No matter what order, though, most of the people across the world washtheir face at some point in their morning routine. I have been cleansing my face because mymother used to echo in the halls of our home, "You need to wash your face

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1281 words - 6 pages American Flapper”. Flappers were considered as a new age of women who did not conform to social norms and stereotypes, and Daisy is indeed different. Daisy is portrayed as a woman free to lead her social and even sexual life, attending Gatsby parties without Tom and subsequently engaging in an affair with Gatsby. To further strengthen the connection between both Daisy and Zelda, Daisy’s very words to her new-born daughter also echo that of Zelda’s

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1148 words - 5 pages "Ladies and lords, I bid you welcome to yet another masterpiece of Shakespeare!" The announcer's words boom across the stage like a cannon, retaliating by the regal nods of nobility, the whoops of artisans, and the eager hollers of beggars who line the house. No more, though, do the walls of the razed Globe Theater clang with the newest work of this master playwright, long dead and dust. His unique plays and startling influences, however, still

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2543 words - 11 pages impress method (p.106). This method requires a teacher to work closely with one student at a time, reading into their ear while the student follows along. This method would require a great deal of instructional time and would be considered a higher intervention strategy. Another effective assisted reading technique is echo reading. Using echo reading allows students to hear what fluent readers sound like as the teacher reads a section of text, and

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1001 words - 5 pages Response to the Narrative of the Life of Frederick DouglassA flashlight pierces through the darkness as the resonance of hundreds of timid footsteps echo through the spacious valley. The footsteps come to a gradual halt while the leader of the group hastily pulls out a piece of paper and studies it thoughtfully. Not a single noise can be heard as Juhi studies his map, antiquated and discolored from overuse. Except for the weak luminescence from

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820 words - 4 pages reveal the madness of the man who has lost his lover Lenore. It is specifically seen in the quote “ And the only word there spoken was the whispered word, “Lenore?” This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the word, “Lenore!”— “ It explores the fact that he knows his lover Lenore has passed yet he still calls out her name as if it could be her tapping at his chamber door. Another technique that exemplifies the mental instability of the

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905 words - 4 pages for humans. Unlike Gods other creations humans can share ideas, share affections, and share a soul. Humans are a divine creature – an echo of God's holiness. God is devoted and wants what is best for humanity. After God has finished establishing animals and mankind he “blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.” (Genesis 2:3). After six days of consistent work creating the

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858 words - 4 pages Free echo to determine the object's distance, shape and other characteristics. (“Spinner Dolphin.”Wild) Spinner dolphins are one of the most fasinating creatures of the sea. They demonstrate teamwork while hunting for their meals. The spinner dolphins have an unusual sleeping cycle that allows them to sleep with one eye open. They are amazing communicators with their acrobatic moves. All of these unique characteristics made up the extrodinary spinner

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1839 words - 8 pages , your eardrum will vibrate and you will hear the sound of the tree falling. Have you ever placed your hands over your ears because someone was yelling? The loudness or intensity of a sound depends on the energy used. The more energy used, the louder the sound. You use a lot more energy to yell than you do to whisper. The same is true with all sounds: the more energy expended, the louder the sound. Do you sing or play a musical instrument

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718 words - 3 pages bullying, anti-homophobia responses, violence against women, the stifling of freedom of expression, etc.) · Research your social issue and gather facts, statistics about your topic. · Begin to write your rant; try to echo the style Rick Mercer uses. · Your rant must deal with a challenge to or compromising of the democratic values. A limitation to an individual’s rights and freedom according to the charter is what you are aiming to rant about

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714 words - 3 pages Free gives him a heightened chance of heart failure. This further reiterates that valids struggle with similar issues as the invalids, even though they are supposedly guaranteed "success." In the film, I implemented the use of symbols. The images that appear when a person’s DNA is tested is either a cross or an infinity symbol. The cross is used to represent the invalids, while the infinity symbol represents the valids. The cross is used to echo the