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The Light BulbIntroductionIn the 1950s and 1960s, the Army released bacteria in hundred of tests in areas of highpopulation density throughout the country (Cole, 2009, p. 3). Agents dropped light bulbscontaining the bacteria in the New York subway (Cole, 2009, p. 3). The bacteria used in the testsposed little risk to the welfare of the public, unlike a possible attack of a biochemical nature(Cole, 2009, p. 3). The demonstration proved that a terrorist attack potentially could exposemillions of people to harmful organisms by simply using a light bulb (Cole, 2009, p. 3). In 1996,the light bulb was used again in a similar government-operated experiment (―Airports andSubways,‖ 2006, para. 1). The Special Operations Division of the United States dropped lightbulbs filled with rare, non-pathogenic bacteria to test the vulnerability of New York to abiological attack (―Airports and Subways,‖ 2006, para. 1).Weeks after dropping the light bulbs in the subways, agents tested for the presence of thebacteria in various locations across the city (―Airports and Subways,‖ 2006, para. 1). The use oflight bulbs was an unusual but effective method for releasing bacteria. The light bulbs usedtoday are similar to the one Edison invented in the late 19th century, and are seldom regarded ascomplex or important technology (―Airports and Subways,‖ 2006, para. 1). However, theyproved to be useful in a modern and significant study regarding biological warfare and haveheavily impacted industry and technology since their invention (―Airports and Subways,‖ 2006,para. 1).Early Development of the Light BulbThe first light bulb prototype, called the arc lamp, was developed by English chemistHumphrey Davey (Douglas, n.d., para. 4). The lamp produced an electric arc that emitted lightas the current passed through an ionized gas (Douglas, n.d. para. 4). Davey used two strips ofcharcoal to produce his current, which gave off an intense light when ignited (Douglas, n.d.,para. 4). Davey's arc lamp began the search for an incandescent artificial light source in theearly nineteenth century. Another English scientist who sought an incandescent light source,Warren De la Rue, invented his own light bulb in 1940 (Douglas, n.d., para. 5). De la Rue'slight bulb, with its vacuum and filament design, more closely resembled the light bulb that wouldbe patented by Edison years later. He put a platinum filament in an airless tube and passedelectrical current through it (Douglas, n.d., para. 5). The design worked, but was impractical forcommercial use because of the high price of platinum (Douglas, n.d., para. 5). The search for afilament that was as durable and efficient as platinum would hinder the development of the lightbulb for years (Douglas, n.d., para. 6). Other inventors turned to light bulb designs that did notinvolve filaments, including neon. N


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544 words - 3 pages Free Wyatt Cheung 620 10/20/17 Thomas Edison Thomas Edison was a smart scientist that would soon make a way to light the world without using candles in 1879 when he was 32 years old. He was an intelligent child as he was kicked out of school and then was homeschooled by his mom, who was in fact a teacher. She teached him which made him who he

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745 words - 3 pages Thomas Alva Edison, was a small town, country boy who became a United States inventor. He is the most famous of all Americans to make a career of inventing; Edison was called the “Wizard of Menlo Park,” which was his laboratory for sometime, found in New Jersey. He was especially important for his electrical inventions. Like many inventors of his era, Edison struggled to perfect a system of practical electrical home lighting. He experimented

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1685 words - 7 pages Thomas Alva Edison Robert Frost Mrs. Behn, History ______________________________________________________________________________ I, Robert Frost declare my choice for the Spirit of Invention Award to Thomas Alva Edison for his invention of the Electric Lamp. On this day, we have gathered here to discuss and decide which recipient will receive the Spirit of Invention Award. We have narrowed the contenders down to Thomas Alva Edison and Alexander

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559 words - 3 pages Prompt: Submit an essay topic of your choice. Growing up in the center of New Jersey may not seem different from most life elsewhere, until the not so ordinary contrast -- the demographic. It is no secret that in America, caucasians are the majority. This is where Edison is unique, embracing the “abnormalities”. As a melting pot of cultures and worlds, Edison’s population is predominantly first or second generation Asian-American. As a Russian

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466 words - 2 pages experiments, invariably by chance, thus reversing the orthodox concept of pure research leading to applied research.Edison's role as a machine shop operator and small manufacturer was crucial to his success as an inventor.Unlike other scientists and inventors of the time, who had limited means and lacked a support organization, Edison ran an inventive establishment.He was the antithesis of the lone inventive genius, although his deafness enforced on him

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753 words - 4 pages Free impact either on our lives or on those of others. Thus, the Latin word ‘Edu care’ from which the English word ‘education’ is derived means to bring out. To bring out the virtues, the qualities of our soul. When Thomas Edison was a little boy he came back home from school and handed a letter to his mother saying, ‘my teacher gave this letter only for you to read’ The mother opens the letter and as she read out the letter to Thomas Edison, she was

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1180 words - 5 pages even caught the eye of famous inventor Thomas Edison at a convention in New York City, and Edison encouraged the young engineer to keep working on his vehicle: “That’s the thing! Keep at it!” Edison advised. Now after many years of innovation and technological advances, automobile companies have produced cars which run solely on electricity and one of the companies leading this transition is Tesla. The Tesla Motors company is named after the

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996 words - 4 pages telegraphy and was not content to sit on the sidelines as the Bell Telephone Company captured the spotlight. Feverishly working to develop their own telephone technology, Western Union employed two prominent inventors--Thomas A. Edison and Elisha Gray. Looking to protect its patent rights, the Bell Company sued Western Union and won. In the years that followed, the Bell Company (which would eventually become AT&T) would be forced to defend


807 words - 4 pages Free WIT, a play written by Margaret Edison, illustrates Vivian Bearing, an English professor of Seventeenth Century Poetry, diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer, with little time to live. In her lonely journey towards death, Vivian discovered her need for human kindness. The play starts off with her doctor explaining to her that she has an insidious cancer, and needs to go through intensive treatment immediately. Ironically, chemotherapy, which is

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1114 words - 5 pages Bailey Holtham Mar. 11, 2018 Project One Prof. Gewirtz Music is inevitable in everyday life. Throughout all genres and composers of music each has a different effect on one's mood whether he/she knows it or not. A new survey by Edison research says the average american listens to four hours and five minutes of audio each day. Exactly how that listening breaks down might surprise you sense no previous study has tracked all audio consumption

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1166 words - 5 pages , "Thomas Edison who brought the miracle of electricity to our homes to give light and to run all those labor-saving devices..." in order to shows that all women benefited from the invention of a man who can provided for his family. Although it might be true to a middle class white American, many of our neighbor with people of color are experiencing this differently for they do not have a man who can provide for them. I'd like to introduce Rudy

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1150 words - 5 pages : BOOK: BOOTH, O. AND WALTON, J. The illustrated history of World War II In-text: (Booth and Walton, 1998) Your Bibliography: Booth, O. and Walton, J. (1998). The illustrated history of World War II. Edison, NJ: Chartwell Books. BOOK: Stein R Hiroshima In-text: (Stein) Your Bibliography: Stein, R. (1982). Hiroshima. Chicago: Childrens Press. Website: HISTORY.com. 2017. Bombing of Dresden - World War II - HISTORY.com. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/battle-of-dresden

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5012 words - 21 pages distribute power and have a power outage, than it is for the equipment's to get damaged or the software somehow encounters a bug or stops operating. During my mentorship experience, before we even arrived to the RBS we needed to contact Edison, to verify is there was a blackout in the whole region. If there was a blackout, the issue wasn't located in the RBS, instead it was a problem with one of the substations that distributed energy throughout the

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1461 words - 6 pages a much harder time socializing, interacting, and poor sleeping schedules. Source: Edison Research, “Triton Digital”, www.kpcb.com accessed (May 29, 2015) At the rates depicted in Figure 2 researches have concluded that these rates will only continue to increase. And without the awareness of the public the danger of being addicted to the internet is disregarded. Internet addiction can affect anyone, but is more prevalent in young adult. Its

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1815 words - 8 pages Free pauper, earned fame and fortune as an eccentric but flamboyant genius, and died in poverty. Nikola Tesla's patents still today are the cores of our electrical power distribution and use. Royalties from his many inventions founded empires of industry and technology for those shrewd enough to have obtained them cheaply, such as Morgan, Westinghouse and Edison. The celebrated Tesla Coil even to this day presents the most awesome electrical display