English, Frontline Telling The Truth Question: Our Access To The Truth Is Impeded By The Powerful. Show How Your Study Of The Text And Additional Material Demonstrates This Assertion

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The statement, " Our access to the truth is impeded by the powerful", is truthful, as the main way citizens find out about current affairs, is through various medias, all owned by the most wealthiest and powerful individuals in the world, an example of one of these individuals in Australia, being Mr Murdoch. The accuracy of this statement is established throughout the 'Frontline' series, created by D-Generation, in particular, the episodes 'The Night of Nights' and 'Smaller Fish to Fry'. Other examples found in the media, which demonstrate this statement include; 'The Student Protests' and The Simpson's episode,'.......'. In the 'Frontline' episode, 'The Night of Nights', Mike Mo ...view middle of the document...

The former being achieved through close ups of facial expressions and a range of different camera shots, to generate drama. The latter is so, as the employees we allow to handle our truth believe, that their audience, are merely semi-intelligent followers, who will sit and swallow, when spoon-fed a story that looks, "pretty".To the same degree, the media can also manipulate images, in order to present the story they wish. This technique of manipulation is evident in a news story, from early 2003, regarding the student protests against the war in Iraq, taking place in George Street, Sydney. The story aired to the Australian public, was centralised on the brutality of the approximately ten thousand students towards the poor, hard-working, police officers. However, one attending this protest would have seen a dissimilar series of events, a different side to the story, which a powerful force, would have stopped being aired. At the protest there were students acting violently, but this was simply an act of retaliation, due to the force of the police. Pushing, hitting protestors, even pulling off a Muslim girls scarf all part of their days work. Yet, these facts, were never aired. Clearly, because the New South Wales police force is more powerful, than a group of "silly" school students. The outcome of this, the majority of Australian citizens not knowing the other side of the story, led to feel sympathy for the police officers and hatred towards the protestors. Thus, the truth has once again been 'impeded' by a powerful force. 'Smaller Fish to Fry', another 'Frontline' episode, also reveals this. In this instalment, a story that could change the viewer's lives and save them from a scam, is again not presented, since it could damage the network. Co-incidentally, at the same time Mike Moore uncovers the facts of this scam and applies for airtime, mysterious false sex allegations against him arise. Although, this is clearly not a co-incidence, rathe...


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1047 words - 5 pages . One of the biggest reasons drugs should be legalized is to end the war on drugs, thereby saving billions of taxpayer dollars. “Every year, the federal government spends $140 billion dollars to fight the war on drugs and an additional $37 billion to house these prisoners ($28,000/prisoner annually). For state and city governments, they spend a combined $200 billion for both the fight and housing” (Kleiman et al. 21). This war equates to nearly

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2947 words - 12 pages of this moral leper and Communist functionary is considered grounds for dismissal? What does it tell you about the controlled media when you see how they have successfully suppressed the truth and held out a picture of King that can only be described as a colossal lie? You need to think, my fellow Americans. You desperately need to wake up.Sources:1. The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr.- - (an official publication of the Martin Luther King

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2302 words - 10 pages whether this is because he recognizes his exotic appeal or because he is self-conscious of and defensive about the differences between him and other Venetians. For example, in spite of his obvious eloquence in the first act, he protests, "Rude am I in my speech, ... And little blessed with the soft phrase of peace". While Othello is never rude in his speech, he does allow his eloquence to suffer when he is put under increasing strain by Iago's plots

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3359 words - 14 pages slogan makes contradictory statements, but it is still believed by the people. "The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth", is a great example of how the Party makes sure everyone is controlled (Orwell 64). The Party plants the same lies in everyone so everyone believes the same thing which leads to absolute and simple control. This control leads to the power to wreak havoc over the lives of people with little or no

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1400 words - 6 pages Free sponsorship and taught the national curriculum with a specific concentration on maths, science, and technology. Furthermore, the National Curriculum was introduced by the ERA in 1989. This ensured that the Government had complete control over what would be taught in England and Wales. 5-16 Year olds in state schools has to study 3 core subjects of English, Maths, and Science, plus 7 foundation subjects. The aim was to provide a better quality of

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828 words - 4 pages ” (Level 3) 4) Which type of audience do you believe this was made for and why? 5) What do you believe is being or might be taught to this audience especially about the ethnic group? Why? (What is the message may be sent to men, women, young people, or the larger “American “ society?) Why? ANALYSIS OF OPPRESSION (Level 3) 6) How does this text show, influence, or encourage institutional, interpersonal, or internalized oppression? Make sure you

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1146 words - 5 pages the study of history might has little value even it is related to our daily lives. In sum, I partly concede with the speaker's statement. On the one hand, the study of history has value to the extent that it is relevant to our daily lives; on the other hand, it is of no value even it is linked to our lives. Indeed, history is like an inventory full of matters useful to us. We should show our respects to it and learn from the history.