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IntroductionThe strategy that will be focused on is a customer oriented strategy. Focusing on customers is always a beneficial practice. It allows you to learn about who the customers are, their wants and needs, and build relationships, developing customer loyalty. The business process that we will focus on developing is a new process for scheduling employees and customers to ensure everyone's time is utilized the most efficient way possible. In service industries such as salons, time is money, so time wasted is money lost, which is never good for business.Business Process ExplanationProper scheduling is essential, if there are not enough employees scheduled or too many customers scheduled, customers are unhappy. Introducing IT technology could help ensure there are always an ...view middle of the document...

So this would be a universally beneficial upgrade.Solution ComponentsIn order to implement the new technology several components will be needed, I suggest purchasing a Salon POS system, and Salon Maid software. Since no technology is currently being used, Myra will need a computer system in order to use the software. The salon POS system includes 15 Inch POS TouchScreen PC Terminal (Intel Atom 2550 DC 1.86GHz, 2GB DDR3, 250GB HDD, POS ready Win7) with integrated VFD rear Display and Magnetic Swipe Reader, a 16″ Cash Drawer, a Thermal Printer, and a Barcode Scanner. These products are created to be user friendly, requiring minimal training. Although I would suggest a training period to review all applications and how to operate them to ensure everyone has a thorough understanding.How This Process Will Provide ImprovementThe Salon Maid software includes capabilities that will help manage appointments and scheduling, track employee's hours and commissions, track customer's activities helping to get to know their needs better, and create email or mailing lists from your database to inform customers about new products or services. Using the software in conjunction with the POS system will allow Myra to better track inventory and anticipate needs, and recognize patterns or trends.ModelCurrent ProcessNew ProcessReferences(2014, June 10). . Retrieved June 16, 2014, from, L. (2014, January 1). Four Phases of a Customer-Oriented Sales Strategy. Small Business. Retrieved June 16, 2014, from, C. H., & Good, D. J. (2012). Sales Quotas: Unintended Consequences on Trust in Organization, Customer-Oriented Selling, and Sales Performance. Journal Of Marketing Theory & Practice, 20(4), 437-452.

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