Essay Describing The Benefits Of Organic Foods And The Cons Of Non Organic Fyp Health Research Paper

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Organic vs. Inorganic Meats
Life is based on decisions. You wake up and decide what to wear, what to eat, and decide
how to get to work. While choosing your next meal at a grocery store, ask yourself this question;
are you more likely to buy organic or inorganic meat? Some may think this is a scam, that food
industries reel you into for a couple of extra dollars. Does one really know about the backstory of
these organic or nonorganic animals that they are purchasing? The sad reality is animals that are
considered inorganic meats are treated more poorly compared to the animals that are organic
meats, because of the suffrage faced before slaughter. Animals put in the category of inorganic
meats are raised in factory farms, where mistreatment is known to be more common because the
way business is run amongst these large industries. Whereas local organic farms treat their
animals with more care due to smaller business operation standards. Consumers who are
purchasing inorganic meats over organic meats must decide if saving the extra three dollars is
worth the troubling health factors. Throughout this essay, these issues mentioned prior will be
addressed by looking at various research studies on why animals are treated differently
depending on if they are organic versus inorganic, the health benefits of consuming organic
meats instead of inorganic, and finally, what qualifies a food to be labeled organic.
The shocking number of animal cruelty cases reported every day is just the start- most cases
are never reported. Unlike violent crimes against people, cases of animal abuse are not compiled
by state or federal agencies, making it difficult to investigate or calculate just how many animals
are abused. What is known, is the abuse of animals that occur under large industrial food
companies. This is known as factory farming. The idea of factory farming originated in 1923
when Celia Steele received a large order of five hundred chicks. In order to follow through on
this order, Steele conducted an experiment and grew her flock size, thus inventing factory
farming (Foer 104). Today, factory farming can be defined as a “large, industrial operation that
raises large numbers of animals for food. Over 95% of farm animals in the U.S. are raised in
factory farms, which focus on profit and efficiency at the expense of animal welfare” (“Factory
Farms”). Animals that are raised in these factory farms are typically inorganic because of the
limited regulations that are set. For example, factory farms are motivated by business ethics,
meaning they do not care about the well being of animals but if they make a profit off these
animals at the end of the day. Since there are no strict laws set, factory farms have total control
as to what they can do to their animals. Livestock is raised in densely, enclosed, populated areas,
Practices include packing pregnant pigs into gestation crates so small they cannot turn
around, placing egg-laying hens in cages stacked...


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