European Union And United States Comparison Report University Of Phoenix/Geo 155 Essay

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European Union and United States Comparison 3
European Union and United States Comparison Report
Asdrubal Castillo
July 1, 2013
Mr. Robert G. Prescott
The European Union (EU) was founded was founded after the end of World War Two in 1948 and consist of 28 European countries with the goal to promote stability and economic cooperation between its members. It consists of a Council that represent national governments, the European Parliament that represent the citizen of the member countries and the European Commission that represent the member countries collectively and legislate common interests.
The United States (US) is not a member of the European Union but it maintains relationship with EU since 1961 to address and collaborate on regional and international crisis and conflicts, and maintain significant trade and investment relations.
Though in theory the United States government and the EU are different in its structure, they are very similar in that the EU represents individual countries that govern themselves, whereas the U.S. government represents fifty different states that legislate their own laws and regulations but that can overridden by the federal government. Though one of the goals of the EU is to avoid conflict and war within its members it is unable to dictate the individual country governance of its citizens.
In essence, the EU’s Council, European Parliament and the European Council can be compared to the U.S. President and Congress who are representatives of...

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