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Evaluating Performance Essay

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IntroductionFamous Footwear is one of many retail chains owned by the Brown Shoe Company. Famous Footwear uses motivation theories that keep employees focused. Managers in the organization know how to deal with conflict effectively, and take business ethics very seriously.Motivational TheoriesMotivational theories within Famous Footwear include the Goal Setting theory, along with the Intrinsic Motivation theory. At Famous Footwear, managers try to motivate employees to meet sales and driver goals. Sales and driver goals are set by corporate, and then relayed to district and store managers. It is then up to managers to keep sales associates focused, and coach them to make goal. This is where ...view middle of the document...

The final written is an employee’s last chance to resolve the issue. Finally the employee is terminated and separated from the company. This is also documented and signed by the supervisor, and the employee.Ethics ProgramFamous Footwear takes business ethics very seriously. The company believes in treating all employees with respect. The company also shows a good example to the community by being socially responsible.Famous Footwear is involved with the March of Dimes, a charity that helps premature babies. Every couple of months employees take donations for the March of Dimes, and managers from all our stores participates in the March of Dimes walk a thon. The Brown Shoe Company is involved with making donations in behalf of many different causes. Other company giving priorities include education, arts/culture, civic, and health and human services (Brown Shoe Company Inc., 2008).The company truly cares about people. When first hired with the company, one is given the “Great People Handbook.” New employees must read over and sign the company policies. The book explains everything a new employee needs to know. It goes over company standards, rules, benefits, and dress code. In this book, it also explains that each employee deserves respect, and should never be harassed or feel uncomfortable at work.The handbook also explains the companies “Integrity Team...

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