Fantasy Vs Reality Personal Essay St. Theresa Of Lisieux And Grade 11 English Personal Essay

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9 July 2018
The Relationship Between Fantasy and Reality
Fantasy and reality are often thought as two separate entities, yet when they collide they create incredible stories of mystery and wonder. It allows for the unexplained to occur in an exciting manor. Fantasy stories enables the audience to escape from reality and travel to a place where their problems cease to exist. The movie “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” (2016) goes down the wonderful rabbit hole of fantasy and provides evidence on why it is valuable to us. Fantasy is vital to humankind as it provides relief when the real world gets tough, inspires creativity, and continues to provide children with an alternate world where they can comprehend new concepts and issues that are too scary and overwhelming for them in the real world.
The real world is intense; children need to learn how to cope with it. Fantasy provides children with an alternate world where they can understand new concepts and issues that are too scary for them to learn in the real world.“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” (2016) displays this when Miss Peregrine and the children are hiding in a time loop from the Hollows, from fear of extinction, and humans, from fear of persecution. The time loop allows them to live the same day, every day, as well as avoid aging as long as they stay inside the loop. A result of this is that Jake learns concepts such as death and the limitations of his humanity in the fantasy world that would otherwise be challenging in the real world. Only imagination can allow us to experience how others feel and question our perceptions of our world. What does it feel like to be sick or poor? To be clumsy or blind? How are you treated differently if you are rich or famous? Fantasy allows us to experience it without going through it; it gives us new outlooks on life. Even though it may not be real, it helps us become a more versatile and understanding person. My life has been greatly affected by fantasy, as a child, reading fantasy stories helped me understand and overcome my fears. Reading through the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series were one of the happiest moments I experienced in my youth. I will never forget the lessons I learned from the series such as loyalty and sacrifice. Whether it’s in a movie or your personal experience, fantasy helps you learn concepts that would be otherwise hard to learn. Comment by Natasha Barcena: Comma OR conjunction. Do not use both Comment by Natasha Barcena: Spelling: Manner. Manor is a house Comment by Natasha Barcena: Verb Subject agreement- Fantasy stories is plural, so you should use "enable" Comment by Natasha Barcena: Nice use of "rabbit hole." the word "Wonderful" changes the tone so I would leave it out. Comment by Natasha Barcena: use "film" Comment by Natasha Barcena: Topic 1. Bold. Nice Comment by Natasha Barce...


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