Gender Inequality (Men Being Superior To Women) School Research Paper

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Saeed 4
Saeed Ismail
Lindsay Taaffe
English 11B
Date: 02/03/2018
In the distant past, people believed that men and women are totally two different species that are not comparable. Men were considered the superior gender that made the absolute decisions and controlled women’s destiny as well. Hundred years back, newly born girls are buried alive because it was believed that having a girl was very shameful. On the other hand, as soon as newly born boys arrived, their parents felt extremely proud and even invited their neighbors in big ceremonies to honor the birth of their sons. This very ugly and ridiculous habit had been practiced on the planet for a long time until Islam was born and God firmly clarified in the holy Quran that men and women are equal and burying the infants should be stopped. As time also progressed and more people became educated and civilized, they began to realize that the similarities of men and women outweigh their differences. Hence men and women are equal in each sphere of life; however, they may have different roles in the society depending on the beliefs and the traditions of the society.
Though, men are always considered as the feeder and protector of the family in every society, women also play a pivotal role in feeding and greatly contributing to the success of the families in many ways. Some of them take care of their children and household duties. Many others go outside and run small and big business just like men and meet with no restriction. In that sense, women are equal to men since they are human beings, therefore, equality is a right but it is not a freedom and individual has that. This very much disproves the suggestion that women in the world are restricted in household duties and not allowed to participate business sectors. There are millions that strongly rely upon their female members. Women have to truly take the lead and feed their families. This great representation of how women can definitely fill men’s role as well.
There is no evidence that suggests women are in any way inferior unless the society believes. This was when men were dominated society in prehistoric civilizations. Overall, women are equal to men. In some sense, women may seem inferior in society and that depend the history and the belief of the society. Few of ...


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