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My first self income came from a business my cousin and I ran selling refreshments at a gulf course located in West Seneca. It was supported by our parents and we were both very young, I was 14 and my cousin Michael was 12. I loved this business, it was relaxing but it was also a learning process.My cousin and I would set up shop almost every day during summer break from 8 AM to 3 PM so we would have the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. A lot of the time we would go on days when ever we felt like it, if one didn't feel like going that day we would ask a friend to go with one. We would always load our set-up in our aunts car every night, making sure we have all the supplies for the next day. We would leave the next morning when she leaves for work picking up the ice on the way. All the beverages would be loaded up neatly in coolers and the chips would stay in their packaging. We would wheel the stuff out onto the gulf course with a red wagon then we would set up in a systematic manor making the merchandise very presentable. Our location was under a giant tree at a key location on the golf course.After we had set-up we would take turns proposing our product to prospective costumers by asking "would you like to buy a ice cold can of pop", most would spend a buck on our pop and oth...


How Music can be Used Therapeutically - English 1101 - Research Paper

974 words - 4 pages what can be done to help? Doctors are so overwhelmed by the mass amount of patients; they quickly prescribe pills such as Oxycodone or Vicodin. When in reality there is a much simpler and ultimately safer alternative, it is music. Although prescribing medicinal pills to treat teen’s anxiety might be seen as useful, it is overall unhealthy and should be replaced with a safer, more natural alternative such as listening to music. The primary symptoms

Can Machiavelli Be Defended By Strauss?

2213 words - 9 pages Can Machiavelli be defended against Strauss's accusation of being 'a teacher of evil'?.Niccolo Machiavelli, arguably the world's most renowned political philosopher was born in 1469 in Florence. Entering the world of politics at the tender age of twenty-five in a tumultuous political period in Italy, Machiavelli started as a clerk. The playwright and poet went onto write some of the most ruthless political theories the world has ever seen

Assignment on how math can be used in the occupation of nursing - College Algebra - Research Paper

603 words - 3 pages Algebra in Nursing Math, although it maybe unliked by many students, is essentially to daily life. Math is apart of just about everything we do. It is used to create the cars we come to school in and the toothpaste we use to brush our teeth. It is just as essential to nursing as it is to everyday life. One of the skills required to be a nurse is solving basic linear equations for dimensional analysis. Dimensional analysis is the process of

An Essay that discusses how language can be used to differentiate between cultures. - English 101 - essay

1208 words - 5 pages , reflective tone used in the chapter, Bechdel is writing to an audience of ordinary young people who may be struggling or have struggled in becoming their true selves. By combining figurative language with her personal experience, Bechdel provides her audience with a comforting story, to which they can relate. The combination of pictures and words are especially effective in conveying Bechdel’s message because each element of a picture-word

'There Is A General Reluctance To Examine Ways In Which HRM Can Be Integrated With And Contribute To The Overall Direction Of An Organisation.'critically Discuss

1994 words - 8 pages is difficult for competitors to duplicate. That is, while technology and capital can be acquired by almost anyone at any-time for a price, it is difficult to acquire a ready pool of highly qualified and highly motivated employees. It is increasingly difficult to plan strategy in an era of discontinuous change. In today's intensely competitive and global marketplace, maintaining a competitive advantage by becoming a low-cost leader or

This is a copy of the Physics Exam for 2007. It can be used as a review for the exam - Physics 407S - Exam Paper

1281 words - 6 pages may be helpful to draw a plot or two.) (b) (10 pts) Cartman is unaware that Officer BarBrady is outside City Wok, measuring the speed of cars passing by, just as they pass in front of City Wok. The speed limit by the restaurant is 45 mph. The penalty for speeding is $50 for every 5 mph over the speed limit (so $50 for going between 50 and 55 mph, $100 between 55 and 60 mph, etc.). Will Officer BarBrady give Cartman a ticket, and if so, what will

The Electronic Turmoil Connected to Snapchat - Spokane Falls Community College, English 101 - Essay

1278 words - 6 pages raise many red flags. When they added the feature of “hot spots” they probably didn’t think of the many harmful ways that can be used in comparison to the few good ways. Have you heard of a soft target? Former LAPD chief, Michael Downing, illustrates the biggest harm of this feature a soft target, this is a place where terrorists attack a big event attended by civilians (Schlesinger Day). Snapchat practically shows these terrorists where their soft

Film Analysis of Road to Perdition Clip (Lead Guns Down Father Figure) and Shot Breakdown - Film Studies - Essay

1677 words - 7 pages choice of it being shot-reverse-shot. Their close relationship is evoked by these cuts and over the shoulder shots. In contrast to the effortless killing of Rooney’s men. It’s important to note that they emphasise isn’t on the victim, but on the murderer, and the impact that it had on him. This draws the scene to be focused more on humanity and emotion, than mass death and gore, which completely separates Road to Perdition to other gangster films

This Essay Is A Brief History Of Rattle And Snap Plantation In Mt. Pleasant, TN. Describes Owners (Past And Present) And Other Information On The House

1726 words - 7 pages . John's still stands today as the last remaining brick plantation church.The Polk brothers raised over 4,000 acres of hemp, which is a form of marijuana. They had it cut, dried and woven into rope at a factory they owned in Mt. Pleasant. The Polks had a contract with the US Government, and supplied the Navy with between 45-80% of all the rope the Navy used during that period, so you can imagine the amount of money that was coming in. When the War


1761 words - 8 pages lead to obesity because the monthly sum distributed by SNAP could result in binge eating, which means that a large amount of food would be consumed in a short amount of time. Along with every negative there is the positive side of the situation. SNAP improves the nutrition intake by increasing family's food budget, which can be used to purchase more expensive fruits and vegetables along with decreasing the amount of processed food being purchased

Excericise physiology basketball - physical education studies - assignment

2198 words - 9 pages down in order to be taught. There are many large sequential parts in the catch and shoot jump shot which can be isolated and taught and therefore chaining would be the most suitable method for this skill based on our understanding from the information above. These sequential elements include catching the ball, positioning body and the ball to be able to shoot and then the actual jump and flick of the wrist. How to chain this skill will be explained

Identity Themes In "Naruto"

1066 words - 5 pages seal the demon into a newborn baby which just happened to be Naruto.Naruto was an orphan with no relatives, most of his childhood he was alone and unloved by anyone. Almost every villager in his village looked disliked and shunned Naruto because of the fact that he had a demon sealed in him. The viewed him as the demon itself, even though it was forbidden to mention the event of the demon so that Naruto’s peers wouldn’t display the same

Essay breakdown of the film the Cameraman - FST 200 - Essay

1686 words - 7 pages vast amount of what we watch Keaton do is through his physical performance as an actor. His subtle but strong gestures such as waving hello and goodbye help identify that he i greeting people without saying a word; even the subtle tip of the cap helps express communication through action. In the shot of the baseball scene where Keaton is all by himself in the infield stuck with the mindset of being in a real game with real people shows the simple, charming, comedic effect, that silly gestures and ironic situations can be used to create laughter.

Art and Kurosawa: Japanese cinema through wabi Sabi - Film BA - Essay

2059 words - 9 pages stories have similarities, yet the change drastically depending of the point of view. Showing the peoples egoism force them to bend the truth, for their own vanities. Kurosawa, was seen by Japan to be the least Japanese filmmaker of his time. Kurosawa once said in his autobiography ‘’No where i go in the world, although I can’t speak any other language. I don't feel out of place. I think of the earth as my home. I make films from the viewpoint of an

Hector Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique - mur 134 - Assignment

647 words - 3 pages (Harriet 1), the violin is featured to have the “true female voice” that is able to create various types of expressions. In the prelude, the violin is used to present the main melody with flute, featuring the elegant, soft and passionate feeling, creating an image of Harriet. The cornet is described to have the “incisive, brash and impudent sound”. It can be revealed in the “Reveries, Passions”, as the idee fixe is introduced with the cornet in