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To: Robert Redford, Managing DirectorFrom: Svetlana Tasic, Senior Assistant in the Personnel DepartmentSubject: Assessment of Jeremy IronsDate: 28th March 2005Purpose:This report contains the assessment of the suitability of Jeremy Irons, one of our temporary employees, for a permanent position in the company. The report summarizes his personal qualities, his extra qualifications, and work-related achievements, on the basis of which his suitability depends.Personal qualities:Jeremy is a very likeable person who always manages to have a smile on his face, even after eight hours of hard work. For that reason he is very popular amongst the staff. He has proved to be very inventive but at the same time extremely level-headed whenever needed. In addition, he is also very flexible, which he demonstrated on several occasions when adjusting to unfamiliar work procedures. Furthermore, he is extremely dedicated to his work and has often remained at his desk after working hours.Extra qualities:Although Jeremy has been with our company for only several months he has shown outstanding success in conducting meetings with foreign clients. Due to his being fluent in French, Spanish and Serbian he was able to leave a very good impression on our potential clients. Moreover, his readiness to use our clients' languages has been highly appreciated and has thus often contributed to a positive outcome of the meetings.Work-related achievements:Over the course of the last six months, Jeremy has succeeded in having several optimum contracts signed for our company. Furthermore, he was solely responsible for the working conditions-improvement campaign which took place last month. This was an extremely successful undertaking which has had an excellent outcome without causing additional costs to the company.Recommendation:I strongly recommend that Jeremy should be considered a serious candidate for a permanent position in our company. I feel that our company would benefit immensely from employing a capable candidate such as Jeremy Irons.


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1501 words - 7 pages to inform parents.I find that this school admits and promotes any student regardless of ability and then by the time they reach IB2 they are far out of their depth with the school unable or unwilling to help them. One of my IB1 students for example cannot even write an English sentence and yet he was placed in my grade 11 history class with native speakers. So too was a Chinese girl who had failed all of her final exams, all but one of her remake

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629 words - 3 pages have bestowed upon me growing up will still remain in me as my journey down the real world. I did grow up in a conservative household and I use to hate it but my senior year of high school I grown to really appreciate how I was brought up. Now that I’m in the position to do what I want when I want while in college, I sense that just because I can do certain things now doesn’t make it right particularly if it is not by living by God. I want to set an example or become a role model especially being a minority in society.

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450 words - 2 pages school work. If you put time and effort into it, you will succeed. There are many pointers that Angela Duckworth gives us to acquire passion one of them is just to show up, if you don’t show up for class it means you don’t care and it will show it in your grade. She also tells us to practice or study and to have an interest in what you do if you are not interested you won’t try as hard. If you are not interested in your major find another one

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953 words - 4 pages develops the claim with valid reasons and relevant evidence from the texts. · Clearly and accurately analyzes the content of the texts · Provides quotations or examples from the texts to illustrate main points · Includes an introduction, a logically structured body (see tools below) including transitions (see tools below), and a conclusion · Follows the conventions of written English · Is written in present tense How do I get started? Analyze the

An Example of Perseverance in Sports

451 words - 2 pages For most people, winning is harder than losing, but in a sport as competitive as wrestling that is not the case. There is a lot of pressure put on you to be the best you can be, and that's why I like it so much. I was never really a great athlete, so when the opportunity came up to join the wrestling team when I was a freshman, I was a little skeptical. My first few weeks on the team were challenging; I couldn't beat anyone at practice, and I

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1135 words - 5 pages Free the narrative conventions to shape the reader’s response (Say how and why).  An example of a good conclusion:  Keighery has used the narrative conventions of 1st Person Point of view, characterisation and symbolism to highlight the challenges that teenagers with disabilities face on a daily basis. The use of 1st Person Point of view allows the reader to appreciate and understand the adversity a faced by the protagonist, Demi. The characters that

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2319 words - 10 pages Environment (PESTLE) PESTLE analysis is a concept or an analytical tool to determine the macro environment (external forces) which impacts the organization. In this aspect of the report, we identify 6 main external forces; (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal) which affects SIA. 3.1 Political Political factors decide the degree to which a legislature may impact the economy or a specific industry. (Dahlstrom, 2011

An Assessment Of Diversity In The Workplace

939 words - 4 pages extremely common and cannot be ignored. Corporations must learn to work effectively while utilizing the diversity of each employee. With an understanding of why and how employees are different, companies as well as employees can understand one another thus creating an effective team.

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1415 words - 6 pages mental illness and their families. Psychosocial treatments are an effective way to improve the quality of life for individuals with mental illness and their families. They can lead to fewer hospitalizations and less difficulties at home, at school and at work.  Check with your local NAMI affiliate, your community mental health center or health care provider to see what psychosocial services are available in your community and what may be provided

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989 words - 4 pages Organization 2An Assessment of the Organizing FunctionOf ManagementThe article titled, "How Advisers Can Help You Grow," expresses how small business owners are taking the opportunity to have an organizing board of directors do management planning for small businesses in a variety of areas. There are many organizing process that businesses may utilize and one of them is the use of organized advisory boards or consultants to help plan out the

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643 words - 3 pages Garcia-Esparza 1 Jose Garcia-Esparza Professor Miller Writing 001 13 October 2017 Successfully Studying for an Exam The next midterm exam is announced during class and suddenly the air is filled with tension. People shrug and start panicking trying to figure out how they are going to study. People look overwhelmed and the thought of failing due to not properly studying fills their head when it should not. Many find studying for exams regardless

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410 words - 2 pages An example for question 2 in AQA Language Paper 2 Eddie is a typical modern teenager who is mischievous and talks to his father in a 'mocking voice' emphasising their close relationship and good humour they share. Henry however is distant and more formal with his father addressing him in a respectful tone, 'my dear Father' emphasising the difference in status between them. From Source A we can see that Eddie is very care-free and this may be due

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929 words - 4 pages Free . Conduct thorough investigation against misconduct of Chicago Police Personnel Review PODs (Police Ordinance Devices) in allegations enter against officers Interview Civilians and Chicago Police Members Write Recommendations against Chicago Police Officers for discipline Meet with team investigators, consult case evidence, and come to conclusion for recommendation OEMC Transcriptions (Office of Emergency Management Audio) Summarize To/From reports

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1474 words - 6 pages separation, coordination, and supervision of tasks was imposed and made efficient; and analytical partitioning of time, gestures, and bodily forces constituted an operational schema that could easily be transferred from the groups to be subjected to the mechanisms of production; the massive projection of military methods onto industrial organization was an example of this modeling of the division of labor following the model laid down by the schematic

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524 words - 3 pages Ms. Kasey Lewis-English (Major Depression, 2016) 02/28/19 Expository Paper-Topic Major Depression Most people have felt sad or depressed at times. Feeling depressed can be a normal reaction to loss, life’s struggles, or an injured self-esteem. But when feelings of intense sadness including feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless last for days to weeks and keep you from functioning normally, your depression may be something more than sadness