Haitian Revolution And Latin American Revolution - HIS - Essay

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· The Haitian Revolution
· Why was the Revolution Forgotten?
· Recently historians situated the Haitian revolution within the larger context of the Age of Revolution in the Atlantic World
· Age of Revolutions (1774-1849)
· American and French revolutions
· Latin American Wars of Independence
· Europe and the US promote their superiority and do not want
· Trouillot
· The silencing of Historical Events
· Formulas of Erase?
· Not talking about it
· Making less of it. Don’t call it a revolution, call it a minor uprsing or rebellion
· Minimizes the importance of the revolution
· Formulas of banalization
· Textbooks
· Power of the Archive
· According to Trouillot, its “The power to define what is and what is not a serious object of research and study, and therefore, mention.”
· The act of silencing is a structural phenomenon rooted in the creation of the archive itself
· Reflect broader power dynamics that inform the archive’s creation.
· Who is thinking to themselves that their thoughts and ideas should be preserved?
· Typically, it is only intellectuals that want to preserve their history.
· Primary sources are problematic, how do we write history?
· Identify the biases of the individuals from the primary sources.
· Many times, information is omitted from primary sources because of hidden agendas.
· How do we overcome the limts of the archives?
· Alternative approaches, methods and sources
· African History
· Linguistics
· Archaeobotany
· Archaeology
· Oral Tradition
· Oral History
· Potential? Limitations?
· Messages get distorted
· People don’t remember traumatic information as well.
· Memories revolve around strongly emotional situations
· The US is attempting to expand
· The Louisiana Purchase (Manifesto Destiny)
· The Monroe Doctrine: What is the core principle?
· The US will not tolerate Europe intervening into the western Hemisphere
· Two quotes that are particularly noteworthy:
· “We should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safety”
· Broader implications?
· James Monroe made this announcement to Europe.
· What is a threat to my peace and safety?
· What is Madison trying to say with this?
· “I called dibs”
· The U.S. is worried that it would be
· “We could not view any interposition for the purpose of oppressing them, or controlling in any other manner their destiny, by any European power in any other light than as the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition toward the United States”
· Justification for Manifest Destiny
· Paternal Big Brother protection
· Article by McCormick
· Why Western Europe comes to prominence.
· The Feudal crisis
· Leads to capitalism to continue economic growth
· Geographic expansion and labor to continue growth
· The creation of Empire.
· World System Theory
· Capitalism:
· Free Market Theory
· Political side private companies have more of a say to
· Letting the market do its own thing
· Supply and Demand
· Cor...

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