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Hate Essay

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Hate Nothing angers me more than when people misuse a word. When people devalue a word with so much meaning, and reduce it to a word of common use. Such is the case when people use the word hate. We can never understand the true meaning of the word, because only the person who thought of the word, can truly know how great the value of hate is.Many people relate the word with a strong dislike, but it is much more than that. Hate is not a feeling of dislike or distaste. It is not just feeling animosity towards something or someone. You can never semi-hate something. It is an overwhelming feeling that never dies. Hate doesn't die, it is ever living. The feeling doesn't come and go like one of ...view middle of the document...

Love will not bring you to killing or brutally-beating someone within an inch of his or her life. Both of these events would bring you jail time of at least ten years, and so through logic, we could conclude that hate could actually make your life, as you know it, shorter. Hate is so strong that simply hearing the name of something that you hate brings forth the actions and feelings that hate carries.Hate, in the truest sense, is rarely present. Unlike love, hate must be created inside of someone. It must sit and 'marinate' for days and weeks, or even months and years. You won't find hate in every household, and you probably won't find it in every community. You might find it in the darkest, dirtiest sewers of the most polluted, sinful cities, but even to find it there would be a miracle. Hate can only be found inside a person, and that person must be highly emotional. The ability to feel an emotion such as hate is a gift. Though you might not want this 'gift', you must still realize that you are one of few that can deal with the intense amount of feelings, and withstand the agony that hate puts your body through.True hate is never visible. We can never 'see' hate, but rather, you must feel it. Therefore, no one will ever know the real extent of someone's hatred for another being. We can only know what the person with the emotion will reveal to us, and nothing more.This makes searching for hate one of the hardest tasks in the universe. You can almost always tell if one person dislikes another, or if someone detests something, but you can never know if someone hates someone else. It...

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