Health Care Stigmas Among Minorities Bethune Cookman University, English Argumentative Essay

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Health Care Stigmas Amongst Minorities Tianah Horton
EN 240 C
Bethune Cookman University November 5, 2018
Have you ever wondered why so many minorities avoid going to the hospital to get help with their health? It is because minorities feel that hospitals are untrustworthy when it comes to the lives of minorities. It has been proven that African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans are more likely to suffer from certain health conditions and they are more likely to get sicker, have serious complications, and even die from them. African Americans have higher rates of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease than other racial groups. A lot of this is because of the many stigmas placed around seeking medical health. The health of minority communities is very poor mostly due to the certain stigmas surrounding seeking medical health and the challenges that minorities face when it comes to health care.
Across the United States, minorities have a lower life expectancy than whites.
Differences in health amongst minorities and whites date back all the way to some of the earliest health records in the United States with minorities having poorer health than whites. The very different conditions that minorities and whites live in may contribute to the health differences.
Disparities in health are linked to environmental and economical disadvantages. Research has demonstrated that the effect of race on wellbeing stems generally from differences in access to resources and assets that can hurt or help health. Socioeconomic factors, lifestyle behaviors, and access to preventive medicine contribute to health disparities amongst the minority community. Health disparities are differences that exist among specific ethnicity groups in the United States in the qualification of full health potential. Health disparities in the minority community take on many forms including higher rates of chronic disease and premature deaths compared to whites.
Recently, it has been made clear that the healthcare system in the United States is not giving the same quality of care for minority communities that it does for majority of the white communities. When it comes to healthcare, there are many disparities in access to and the quality of it that minorities receive. Many leaders declare America’s healthcare as the best in the world, but it isn't. The United States falls behind other nations in terms of healthcare mostly because individuals of certain races, ethnicities and incomes experience poorer versions of U.S. health care than others. Getting regular health care is more important than ever and we must find a way to improve access to preventive medicine. Health outcomes for minorities are more likely to improve with better health care access. Improving access to preventive medicine should be among the highest priorities in health care especially for patients with high needs.Several studies show that cost is a ma...


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