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UNIT 513
Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals
1.1 Explain ‘Outcome based practice’
Outcomes’ are defined as the impact, or end results, of a service on an individual’s life.
“Outcome-based practice, also referred to as outcomes management and outcomes-focused assessment, is one such approach to achieving desired patient care goals. It refers to activity that benefits patients and involves team work and quality assurance measures.”
(Diploma in leadership for health and social care 2016. Tina Tilmouth)
Outcome based practice is an activity or process which has a positive impact on the client’s life. An example of this would accessing the community. We have clients who wish to socialise but are unable to get out on their own anymore. We are able to provide them with the relevant information to access the community, whether it be the local day centre, which offers transport or AGE UK, who have ‘Movie days’. If this is something the client wishes to participate in, it would have a positive impact on their life, promote independence and give them the confidence to do it again. This is a more person-centred approach and is tailored to fit the client. It is to achieve the priorities the individual has identified themselves. No two people’s needs, wishes and aspirations are the same, so they shouldn’t be assessed as if they are. This holistic approach enables the individual to be at the centre of the decision making, with us being their facilitator in reaching their goals.
The way we approach care is improving all the time. Before it was a one size fits all and very much a needs focused approach. Now we look at different activities, we can facilitate, that benefit the client at this time and in the future. Outcome based practice is a way to empower staff to encourage clients to challenge their own abilities and make informed choices.
It is an ongoing personal development plan and it will need careful planning with the client, their family is they wish and other health care professionals when required.
“Based upon the social model of disability and empowerment, this approach has been hailed as the better option to the needs-led assessment, and research supports this” (Harris et al.,2005)
“Personalisation refers to the way in which individuals are helped to become the drivers in developing systems of care and support designed to meet their unique needs.”
(Diploma in leadership for health and social care 2016. Tina Tilmouth)
Personalisation is the process we use to assess and implement care, to those we support. They sit in the driving seat and point us in the right direction, we support them to get there. As a field care supervisor, I carry out initial assessments for new clients. I sit with them and others of their choosing. I go through our assessment questions. Throughout the process, they tell me what their needs are, how they wish to be helped and what they need help with.
Each initial assessment is unique...

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