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I Spy Essay

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On Thursday, March 27 2001 I started to spy things that were happening. There were a lot of things that caught my attention and amazed me. I was in my room spying because my room is the center of attention. My room is the center of attention because it has every thing in it. I have a television, computer, Nintendo 64, and a VCR. Also I have a loft bed with a desk underneath it. Plus there's a bookshelf with trophies, models, and tons of books on it. Next to my book self ...view middle of the document...

When I was spying I felt many things painful and good. The thing that most amazed me by inside feelings and outside. It was the sun going down through my window when I felt the warmth warming me and the relaxing feelings inside me. One of the painful things that happened to me was when my Dad lost in James Bond and threw the controller at me and left a bruise by accident Also one more painful thing was when I burnt myself on my halogen desk light. Then there was a good feeling when I lied down and was relaxed. The next thing that I did when I was spying was started to smell stuff because there was so much to smell but some things weren't to good to smell. The first I smelt was when my Dad farted and it smelt like rotten eggs so that wasn't that good of a thing to smell. Then there was a good smell when my Mom started to cook dinner which was chicken and dumplings. But there was also another smell that wasn't good when my Mom burnt the French fries. After all of this my brother came in my room and took away my ladder to my bed and left so I couldn't get down. Then my Dad walked out of his room which is connected to my room. Well he walks in and puts my ladder back on my bed. My brother came back into my room when my Dad left and went on the computer. Well then after all that it was time for dinner.

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