INTRO TO ART The Summer Art Program At CSFU - OCSA - ESSAY

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Kim 1
Ashley Kim
Mrs. Mihaylovich
15 July 2018
Museum Paper
Dear Fullerton College Curatorial Committee,
I want to take this opportunity to inform you about two great artworks that I have
found during my recent visit at the Bowers Museum located in Santa Ana.The two
artworks that I have chosen are two of the most exquisite ancient artifacts out of the
whole museum. One of the artworks that I have chosen is a glass sculpture titled ​A
Great Wish​ created by Loretta Yang and the other are three original full-size ​Terracotta
Chariot Horses​. I believe that these two artworks are a great and appropriate choice to
add in our growing gallery because you do not have to fly to a specific foreign country to
brush up on a little culture for the two chosen artworks. Both these ancient artifacts
should be placed under one roof because they deepen our understanding of world
cultures and traditions in order to learn more about the diverse heritage of different
regions around the world.
The first artwork that I highly recommend to place in the Fullerton College Art
Museum is the 1998 glass sculpture ,​A Great Wish,​ created by Loretta H. Yang. The
Taiwanese artist has many different intentions in creating this significant sculpture. She
had created a derived meaning behind her masterpiece in order for audiences to
understand the message. Her artistic approach was influenced by the power of
observation, and her understanding of human nature. In addition, she also used her
knowledge of Chinese artistic vocabulary to represent her culture. According to Bower
Kim 2
Museum experts, Loretta Yang is one of the most influential Chinese glass artists of our
time. This special edition of glass masterwork was collected by both Bowers Museum 1
as well as the National Museum for Women in the Arts. The original piece was set for a
limited edition of eight pieces worldwide. However, many people recognize the glass
baby doll figurine as both a moving artwork as well as prayer, given the nature of such a
universal and heartfelt sentiment from the placement of the delicate hand with the baby.
This charming crystal baby used an ordinary method of glass firing of a Chinese
process that is as old as Roman glass. This specific technique that was utilized by
Loretta Hui-Shan Yang also appears to have an ancient history in China. It is a glass
paste that slightly different than the modern process, involving grinding glass into a
powder, mixing it with bonding, coloring agents, and finally inserting it into a negative
plastic mold made using a wax figure. As the result of all the additives used, an
incredible array of colors can be attained which are clearly visible...

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