My Finances When I Was Growing Up English 99 Essay

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Heintze 2
Cade Heintze
Mrs. Segura
English 99
5 November 2018
Ever since I was just a little boy, I always saved and treasured money. Money to me was hard to come by and rare at my age back then. The only way I could obtain any amount of cash was to work for my relatives or wait for my birthday. For many years, every time my birthday came around, someone would end up giving me money. With that money, it would end up right in my pockets where they are today, still to this point in time.
At a small age, money was my lowest concern and the reason why was because I was a child and my parents would get me the stuff I wanted. Growing up, I didn’t have to pay any bills (phone bills, house notes, car notes, etc.) and I still don’t till this day. The only thing I do have to pay for would perhaps be the gas that my vehicle uses to run. When at such a young age, kids don’t really think about money. However, myself, being the one to care about money, I was always obsessed with saving it. Back then when I was younger, I always loved playing with toy trucks and cars and would always end up breaking them, so my parents would have to buy new ones. When I started to understand that my parents were not happy with me breaking my toys and wasting money, I decided that if that ever happened again I would pay for my stuff. From that point onwards, I was really determined to work towards earning money. I always loved helping my relatives cut the grass, planting plants in the flower beds, or even giving my grandparents back massages. Being young and being rewarded for something you did always felt amazing, and it even motivated me even more to work harder and more often for more money.
Going forward a few years, a lot has changed. However, my views on money are still the same, I still treasure money a lot. Being young, it’s hard to earn money, working isn’t a factor because...

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