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Cianna Belcher
Psych 1010
Professor Yoptina
Classical Conditioning
Through Classical Conditioning I learned the Conditioned Stimulus leads to a Condition Response. When I was little I would play on the basement stairs with bouncy balls. My dad would tell me to get off the stairs before I would get hurt but of course I would never listen. So, therefore every time I was caught playing on the basement stairs my dad would say “The boogie man is down there, he is going to eat you” while playfully pushing me to the stairs. Of course this scared me as a little kid and caused me to cry and be scared of the stairs. By this I learned that the stairs meant the boogie man and that's scary.
Classical Conditioning has different stages. For instant, before when I saw stairs I would not get scared this is called an Unconditioned Stimuli (something I am familiar with) has a Unconditioned Response. When my dad started telling me that the boogie man was going to eat me while playing on the stairs I would then get scared and cry. This is a Neutral Stimuli (unfamiliar occurrence) with a Unconditioned Stimuli ( something I am familiar with) leads to a Conditioned Response (a change in something that cause a new response). Then every time I saw the stairs I would automatically get scared and thing of the boogie man. This would be considered a Conditioned Stimuli (which would be the boogie man) leads to...


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