John Snow Father Of Epidemiology Kes 250 Assignment

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KES 250
Worksheet #1
Public Health Milestones
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Instructions: Select a PH milestone based on the list of possible milestones on Laulima (if you have another in mind, please let me know). Report your selection to me via email (must be approved since no duplicates are allowed). Please fill out the table below (cite any sources used). Be prepared to share this in class.
1. Selected Public Health Milestone:
John Snow – Father of Epidemiology
2. What was the date (or time period) of your milestone?
3. Please briefly summarize what makes your event or person a public health milestone (3-4 sentences).
Cholera, an “infectious disease that is spread by food or water in contact with human feces,” became a predominant health problem around 1850 – 1910. Dr. John Snow didn’t go along with the “bad air” theory that was believed by most physicians to be the cause of disease at the time, but he investigated and later determined that cholera infection could rather be traced to a contaminated drinking water source known as the Broad Street Pump. According to research it wasn’t until the 19th century that the cholera epidemics in Europe and the United States ended after cities finally improved their water supply sanitation.
(I do not own these descriptions, please refer to reference below)
4. What events or people lead up to this milestone? (e.g. a personal interest in…, an identified problem…)
Dr. John Snow seemed to have been extremely passionate about health, and public health in general as he did a lot of researching and thinking about the possi...


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