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Lake Essay

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The LakeIt was the middle of springtime and across from my house where theincident took place. There was a lake there in which my brother and I loved toexplore from time to time. The humidity and water drops where reminiscent of afully functional sauna. The onslaught of heat and burning glow of the sun wasrelentless. Nonetheless, this fact did not bother us one bit, but gave us moreincentive to dance with our cool and embracing "long-lost love".The first step of this operation was making sure that our neighbors hadgone away from the house for at least two hours. Since it was their lake andproperty, this made it safe for us in not ...view middle of the document...

Itsmelled like mother-nature herself, with aromas ranging from wildlife and wetgrass, to evaporated swamp water and healthy dirt.Then, the time for us to find the desired vessel arrived. We chose thekayaks, and set out for the water. Carefully, with our torn-jeans rolled up,and shirts off, we dragged the massive thing over the slope of grass and mudinto the shallow stream. We then hopped aboard, grabbed the paddles, andfloated and splashed into nowhere. The wavy current sucked us downstream,periodically bouncing us off of sandbags and sharp branches leaning over thewater- Now that was true adventure! Minutes later, my brother and I, afterpassing under many pipes and tunnels, floated into a huge "cul de sac" of water,with an island in the center. In our amazement, we paddled there as vigorouslyas toddlers learning to swim. We tied the kayaks to a thin branch with theslimy green rope mysteriously attached to them, and hopped onto the island. Webasked in pure amazement.After the tempo settled, we started our natural brotherly routine. Mybrother and I sat on the muddy bank, with our feet dipped in water, and threwstones out as far away as we could in our competitive nature. We set aside ourdifferences, and together, bonded. My newfound companion and I sat, laughed,fought, played, and talked, as the sun slowly left us.At this point it did not matter what happened to us for taking the kayaks,because whatever it was, it could not replace the priceless experience weshared with one another.

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