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I liked "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin because of the different circumstances in which the reader can place the main character, Mrs. Mallard, in for being upset when she realized that her husband was not dead. From the reaction of Mrs. Mallard, the reader may perceive that Mr. Mallard may have been somewhat abusive towards her. I feel that Mrs. Mallard's reaction towards her husband's death was proper at the beginning, middle, and just as proper at the end. Even when one's abuse is by a loved one, he or she will be saddened for a brief moment by the individual's death. I do not think that anyone should act the way people expect him or her to. I do not feel that M ...view middle of the document...

From that quote, Chopin is informing the reader that Mrs. Mallard may not have been happy with her marriage.Once Mrs. Mallard announced that she was "free, free, free! Body and soul, free!" (14), Chopin alerts the reader to understand that abuse may have been in Mrs. Mallard's marriage and that she was relieved of her husband's death. I think that by Chopin's usage of the word "body," I perceived that Mr. Mallard might have been physically abusive towards his wife also.When Mrs. Mallard understood that she was free, she felt that she would have the opportunity to live for herself and not anyone else. I think that Mrs. Mallard probably lived and breathed her husband's necessities and she may not have known of her owns. Chopin stated that Mrs. Mallard was "drinking in a very elixir of life through that open window" (14), which indicates to the reader that Mrs. Mallard had longed for something else. I feel that since an escape from Mrs. Mallard's loveless marriage had finally appeared, why should she mourn over a husband that she often not loved?In my opinion, I think that Mrs. Mallard was abused in some kind of way from her reaction to her husband's death. Chopin concludes that Mrs. Mallard dies in which I gathered from the joy of her being free. Some readers may think that Mrs. Mallard was a madwoman but I say that she was a victim in her husband's cruel world.WORKS CITED"The Story of an Hour." The Bedford Introduction To Literature. Ed. Michael Meyers.Boston: Boston/St. Martin's, 2002. 12-14.WORKS CONSULTED"Kate Chopin: The Woman." 7 Feb. 2004


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451 words - 2 pages 1. Why did The New Republic include the first paragraph? Do you think the essay would be more or less effective if it began simply with the sentence "On July 27, 1995, my sixteen-year -old nephew was shot and paralyzed"?Dickerson had her first paragraph as it was to show us her background before she talks about the issued at hand. She wants to show us that she is well-educated and that she has worked her way through life to get a respectable job

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1008 words - 5 pages sleeping, and justified it by saying it was something that her mother, Joya, would do to make sure she wasn't dying and that she did it for the same reason. This not only shows how Camille was abused and but how Adora was also abused by her own mother and that contributed with Adora’s self destruction by ruining her daughter. Another form Adora shows the theme of the tragic destruction of one’s life is when she said “I think I finally realized why I

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817 words - 4 pages neighborhood I grew up in, West Greenville, still existed back then. Also, I think it’s amazing to be able to compare how things are different from then and now from what she’s told me. Then again, I do wish there was more information on her grandparents, so I could dig a little deeper into my history. Overall, I loved this experience. I feel like now I have a better understanding of why my grandma is the way she is and why my family lives where they do now.

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748 words - 3 pages heal Molly. She symbolizes it to Jennifer’s eternal presence in their lives. Leroy says that a rainbow should have a gold pot at the end of it but Molly wisely explains how “the rainbow was enough” (Brown 26) and it signifies better days. At the end of Chapter 2, Molly straightened up Earl however, she did not feel great about "fixing" him, why is that? After Molly gave Earl ate the box of raisins filled with rabbit turds to make him stop

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437 words - 2 pages Free this particular girl gave him a dangerous girl.” (Orwell, 10) This paragraph it says why Winston did not like Julia. He had this bad idea of her by just looking at her. Body 2 Julia that she was in love with Winston, but she does not care about his feelings or his past. When he was telling her about his mom she turns back and fell asleep with having not interested in heard him. Orwell says “He told Julia the story of his mother’s disappearance

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880 words - 4 pages Free reasoning is that she never had anyone to care for her or to care for (?never widow, wife, mother, or a bride?). He ends the poem by saying that she is nothing in this world (?she?s a small tug on the tidal swell?), which further explains her unhappy and mean behavior, and that she behaves in this way to make herself feel like she?s important or has some kind of power (?her own sustaining notion that she?s doing well?). If this poem is about

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996 words - 4 pages for her ticket is similar to the way we react to the people around us. Wanting to know they there is a way out, a way to a happier place. The society we live in makes us think that image is everything, so because of this, we are brainwashed into believing how a person dresses and presents themselves is an automatic description of that person. Even if she did not say so, the woman did disturb her. What would happen if a bum was walking down the

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1587 words - 7 pages Free all control over his wife.The main character states many times her need for expressing her thoughts. 'I don't know why I should write this. I don't want to. I don't feel able. And I know John would think it absurd. But I must say what I feel and think in some way--- it is a relief!'(511) Gilman shows in this quote that this woman is oppressed by her husband. It is almost as if she is fighting between having to conform with this oppressed way of

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1817 words - 8 pages Free because he toyed with her emotions; maybe this adds more to her character as bitter and unapproachable girl. This is shown where she tells Bianca how she had sex with joey at the freshmen due to peer pressure and she got dumped afterwards and since then promised to never do something just because others do so “just once! Right after mom left. Everyone was doing it so I did it, afterwards I told him I didn’t want to do it again because I wasn’t ready

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839 words - 4 pages that way. I had to put myself in that time era and think about how women were regarded as property. Women had very few rights and she may have felt controlled by her husband. Another aspect that shocked me was when Mr. Mallard just randomly showed up, a scene I was not expecting. But even more unexpecting was when Mrs. Mallard died as he walked in. This story holds the idea and theme of freedom and confinement. One thing that did catch my attention

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1045 words - 5 pages really mean and I never understood why. I thought she was my friend and so did everyone else, but really she was my secret bully. Brittney would always name call and wouldn't let me be friends with other people or she would be mad at me and if she was mad at me she would make everyone else mad at me. This continued on for a long time and the longer it went on the more I felt bad about myself. I was very shy and didn't want her to be mad at me so

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1654 words - 7 pages nowhere to be seen. Throughout the book, Daisy is continually lied to by Tom and other men and this causes Daisy to have a negative outlook on life. If she believes that everyone is lying, she will not build up her hopes and be let down in the end when someone inevitably lies to her. Women of this time had to learn the hard way that life is not fair. People constantly lie, punish, and make you feel lesser than human. Daisy has been through life and

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1333 words - 6 pages noticed now. Also in Susan's case, as a child, always thought girls were attractive rather than boys. I strongly feel that a person's childhood growing up has a strong effect on not only their future sexual preference, but I also feel it has a lot to do with their personality and how they communicate with others. I feel this way because I have a cousin who is a 32-year-old male that is gay. He recently came out of the closet a year ago with his parents

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514 words - 3 pages topic came up Doug could not respond it was one of those things that he would just like to forget about. He could not even express how he felt about death. He could not express mentally or physically his feelings. He was so scared and frightened that everyone would have to die one way or another that he just could not picture.If I were in his shoes I would feel the same; it would be very hard to see my best friends die. He questioned also why does

Life And Death In Greentown

514 words - 3 pages topic came up Doug could not respond it was one of those things that he would just like to forget about. He could not even express how he felt about death. He could not express mentally or physically his feelings. He was so scared and frightened that everyone would have to die one way or another that he just could not picture.If I were in his shoes I would feel the same; it would be very hard to see my best friends die. He questioned also why does