Legal System In New South Wales Yr 10 Commerce Essay

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Explain the institution which develops, interpret and enforce laws in NSW.
Laws are rules made based on the value and moral of a society, the rules may consist of all sorts of actions that can affect the community it is part of. Laws are important because it regulates society and keeps the community in order. If laws are broken, then consequences will follow. Laws establish boundaries of behaviours and unmoderated actions. Laws in NSW are developed through state parliament. Australian government structured our institutions to develop, interpret and enforce laws into three branches Legislative, Judiciary and Executive.
In the NSW state parliament, there are two houses that regulate our state and create laws. Laws are first made by the hearing of a bill, a bill undergoes a number of hearings starting from legislative assembly (lower house) to legislative council (upper house). Parliament creates new laws, process laws and change existing law. Two houses of parliament are Legislative council and Legislative assembly. Legislative assembly drafts the bill, first reading of a drafted bill, ministers in charge of the house read and debates with council whether the bill is useful or not. If the results are majority for the bill, it’s approved, then it’s sent to the upper house.  Same process repeated within upper house, read the draft, debate and cast votes. If approved, it gets sent to Governor General to check off. Laws are important because they set boundaries for the citizens, it determines the acceptable and unacceptable behaviours and provides safety and protection for the country, helps to reduce danger whilst also providing justice, freedom and equality for the nation. Anarchy is where no government are in place, it’s a lawless society, but there are still rules in place to keep some order. Worst case scenario, without having any laws, chaos can arise within society. Parliament system is important because all laws are made from here. NSW parliament targets for safety, a parking fine on school zone is $198, deduction of two demerits in NSW while only $85 in VIC. Each state has different needs and belief.
Judiciary consists of all courts within Australia, local, district, supreme and finally the high court. Each court has different purposes of laws they interpret. In NSW, hierarchy of different courts has three structure, Local Court (first tier),District court(second tier) and supreme court(third tier). Local court is administered by the Attorney General's' department, deals with civil matters such as children courts. District court, deals with both criminal and civil cases unsolved in Local Court. Opposed with a head of judge. The Supreme court deals with civil matters and serious criminal matters that affect the nation. A magistrate hears evidence and decides their guiltiness for the charge, also imposes penalties. Judge keeps order or decides jail sentence period. J...


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