Political Science: Government System Political Science 100 Essay

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Jerry Tran
Political Science 100/ 2-3:15
Prof. Steiner
6 October 2015
Book Report #1
With Bill Clinton and Coelho chatting, this signify in terms of power by having a connection to a super elite gives you the opportunity to communicate and talk with them. It basically focuses on the idea of interaction among the elites. As for Coelho, he saw it as an opportunity to act like normal friends to Bill Clinton, of if all the elites are talking about how the system works and what the President’s going to do next for the economy. Being Davos, the annual economic meeting for the rich and the powerful, it is where leaders of the world exchange ideas to maintain the economy which gain status and power. This is important because not only power signify fame and wealth, it is the main reason for the super elites to reach to their highest point and maintain that power position.
For the business and finance elites having all the money and wealth, the thing that they want and need is power. For power, it gains a greater control of the economy which brings them a larger portion of wealth and a one-way ticket to the super elites. With many super elites buying private jets from Gulfstream, it is the term “private” which separated the elites and the super elites. When it comes to power, it is more important than money and wealth by giving them a control in the politics world.
As for Chile being one of the countries that have income inequality, it is because that there are a handful of people in Chile that belongs in the elite class. With Chileans being mostly poor, many of its elites try to disperse the wealth among the country and had failed to do so. An example that the U.S have inc...


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