Lord Kitchener Of Khartoum (1850 1916)

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Best known for his famous recruitment posters bearing his heavily moustachioed face and pointing hand over the legend, 'Your country needs you', as secretary of state for war at the beginning of World War I Kitchener organized armies on an unprecedented scale and became a symbol of the national will to win.Commissioned in the Royal Engineers, in 1886 Kitchener was appointed governor of the British Red Sea territories and subsequently became commander in chief of the Egyptian army in 1892. In 1898 he crushed the separat ...view middle of the document...

On returning to England in 1902 he was created Viscount Kitchener and was appointed commander in chief in India. In September 1911 he became the proconsul of Egypt, ruling there and in the Sudan until August 1914. When war broke out, Kitchener was on leave in England and reluctantly accepted an appointment to the cabinet as secretary of state for war. Flying in the face of popular opinion, he warned that the conflict would be decided by Britain's last 1,000,000 men. He rapidly enlisted and trained vast numbers of volunteers for a succession of entirely new 'Kitchener armies'. By the end of 1915 he was convinced of the need for military conscription, but never publicly advocated it, deferring to Prime Minister Asquith's belief that it was not yet politically practicable.In his recruitment of soldiers, planning of strategy and mobilisation of industry, Kitchener was handicapped by bureaucracy and his own dislike for teamwork and delegation. His cabinet associates did not share the public's worship of Kitchener and gradually relieved him of his responsibilities for industrial mobilisation and then strategy. He was killed in 1916 when HMS Hampshire was sunk by a German mine while taking him to Russia.


First world war key turning point in civil rights in the US? - History - Essay

899 words - 4 pages Free How far can the first world war be regarded as the key turning point in the changing geography of civil rights issues in the USA in the period 1850-2009? I agree that the first world war was a key turning point in the changing Geography of civil rights issues. Throughout the period 1850-2009, there was a significant change in the Black American demographic. Around 1850, many Black Americans lived as slaves in the Southern States of America. In

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1038 words - 5 pages 'In Memoriam' and his appointment as Poet Laureate in 1850 finally established him as the most popular poet of the Victorian era.By now Tennyson, only 41, had written some of his greatest poetry, but he continued to write and to gain popularity. Prince Albert admired his poetry so much that he would drop by unexpectedly to here some of Tennyson's poetry. This helped solidify his position as the national poet, and Tennyson returned the favour by

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605 words - 3 pages rather than just being a weak target Additional Notes ·  The state's armed forces were reorganized—the war marked the founding of the Royal Air Force, for example—and increased in size because of the introduction, in January 1916, of conscription for the first time in the country's history as well as the raising of what was, at the time, the largest all-volunteer army in history, known as Kitchener’s Army, of more than 2,000,000 men. · Newspapers

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1002 words - 5 pages District, in April 1770 where he lived most of his life. · He published his first poem at 17, was educated at Cambridge and spent summer holidays walking in the Alps. · William Wordsworth died in April 1850 from a disease of the lungs. He is buried in a churchyard in Grasmere and his family home at Dove Cottage is now a museum. Robert Browning · Robert Browning was born on May 7, 1812, in Camberwell, London. · Browning began to write verses at the age

Romanticism & Eugene Delacroix: Also A Look At The Death Of Sardanapalus And Liberty Leading The People

1138 words - 5 pages INTRODUCTIONMany historical events occurred between 1790 and 1850. Victoria was crowned the Queen of England, Charles Darwin began the Beagle voyage, Slavery came to an end in the British Empire, the French army occupied Spain under Napoleon's command, the steamboat was invented, and Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx issued the Communist Manifesto. Today, this period of history is known as Romanticism.This was a time when historical styles were

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969 words - 4 pages entitled to liberty. Source: Fugitive Slave Act, 1850 (ABC Clio) Section 6. And be it further enacted, That when a person held to service or labor in any State or Territory of the United States, has heretofore or shall hereafter escape into another State or Territory of the United States, the person or persons to whom such service or labor may be due, or his, her, or their agent or attorney, duly authorized, by power of attorney, in writing

The Offence Of Theft Under The 1968 Theft Act Should Have Been Straightforward. Unfortunately, The Courts Have Interpreted It To Become Illogical And Confusing. Discuss

4852 words - 20 pages current law·To repeal a large amount of obsolete and redundant statutory and common law offences·Reduce the number of offences through new concepts and redefinitions·Expanding the ambit of some offencesThe Theft Act 1968 replaced the Larceny Act 1916, to come into force on Jan 1 1969 as an embodiment of the recommendations of the CLRC's report on "Theft and Related Offences" (2). Commentaries of possible interpretations by

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1665 words - 7 pages that started in Boston but surely enough spread throughout the nation.  His massive growth of followers came due to his extremely radical, public position on the controversial standpoint of slavery. The Liberator was comprised of articles that denounced the Compromise of 1850, condemned the Kansas-Nebraska Act, damned the Dred Scott decision, and hailed John Brown’s raid as “God’s method of dealing retribution upon the head of the tyrant

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4805 words - 20 pages believers, through Christ by His grace through His blood. This is including both the Jews and the Gentiles who are saved through salvation in our passage. In the end of our passage Paul says that we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus; just as in the after section in verses 19-22 Paul says that we are God’s household and we are growing into a holy temple in the Lord. After Ephesians 2:1-10 sets up what is discussed in Ephesians 2:11-22. The

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4757 words - 20 pages -agricultural region, Midwest-industrial region, urban -industrial regions Compromise of 1850 – had four parts– first, California was allowed to enter the Union as a free state; second, the rest of the Mexican Cession was divided into the territories of New Mexico and Utah (in each territory, voters would decide the slavery question according to popular sovereignty); third, the slave trade was ended in Washington, D.C., the nation’s capitol

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3127 words - 13 pages social perspective. Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830-1916) once said ‘In youth we learn; in age we understand’ (Quoted from Philosophy: An Introduction to the Art of Wondering By James L. Christian pp136).Without honour between the old and the young and the differences that encompass them, I believe an important dynamic and social dependence is starved, I also believe that hereafter, fear further divides the two generations, creating negative

Americanisms In England

3813 words - 16 pages ," "whereas I call them trousers; therefore thou art in hell-fire and may the Lord pity thee!" 6But though there are many such protests, the majority of Englishmen make borrowings from the tempting and ever-widening American vocabulary, and many of these loan-words take root, and are presently accepted as sound English, even by the most squeamish. The two Fowlers, in "The King's English," separate Americanisms from other current vulgarisms, but

The End Of The World:

5095 words - 21 pages withstand the hardships of the days because a new age ruled by God was to come. It was used to prepare people for the last intervention by God with the humans.("Revelation" 1) This is a horrifying thought for many people, especially sinners. But to those people who are truly good, this is a chance for them to embrace the Lord, and look forward to going to the New Heaven.If looking for evidence about the end of the world, one can not shut out the

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6920 words - 28 pages Committee (1954)Co-operative Credit Committee (1960)( I ) Co-operative Movement (1904)The first Indian co-operative act was passed in 1904 under the Viceroy Lord Curzon. During the period of 1904-1912 the co-operative movement made rapid strides in different fields. To boost the development process the government of India appointed a committee under the chairmanship of Sir E.D. Mac lagan to observe and suggest recommendations.Recommendations1. There

The Whole History Of Ballet

7466 words - 30 pages civilizations of the Middle East and India and among the aboriginal people of the Americas, Australia, and Africa. The Hindu god Shiva, known as Nataraja, Lord of the Dance, is portrayed as a many-armed being balanced on one leg. Actual dance forms appear to have been in place in India around 6000 B.C.1 In studying the First Dynasty of Egypt, (around 3000 B.C.), archaeologists have found relief's showing a kind of dance or body language2, and as culture