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Magazine Article About Homosexual Marriage Essay

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MarriageI read an article out of Newsweek called, State of Our Unions. This article talked about how gay marriage is right on the horizon. The author says that evolution of marriage is nothing new. She talks about how the institute of marriage is already so battered, that to most people, gay marriage would be the last straw. The article goes on to say that many other countries are allowing gay marriages and that its only a matter of time until the United States follows suit.I think one of the ...view middle of the document...

She gave an example of a heterosexual couple that has been together for eight years. This couple has two kids but they aren't married. She says that it's these types of heterosexual couples who are redefining marriage.The author is also trying to say to the audience that gay marriage will be lawful sometime soon despite efforts to ban it. She also believes that it is not a big deal, and it should not be such a huge issue to us: there are other important issues. I believe that the author had well educated and knowledgeable sources, which qualified all statements which were made. Gay marriages probably will be lawful in the United States.I felt that the author's view about gay marriage not being a substantial issue was wrong. It is a huge issue. Millions of people are concerned over it and write to their lawmakers concerning gay marriages. I think it is something that a lot of people care about and should be addressed. Nonetheless, I did agree with her idea that we should focus on other issues. This issue has been beaten to death. This is about morals, what one person believes is right versus another point of view. We should focus more on issues that relate to us all. Education, taxes, and unemployment rates are things that affect us all and should be discussed as much as, or more than gay marriages.

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