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MarriageI read an article out of Newsweek called, State of Our Unions. This article talked about how gay marriage is right on the horizon. The author says that evolution of marriage is nothing new. She talks about how the institute of marriage is already so battered, that to most people, gay marriage would be the last straw. The article goes on to say that many other countries are allowing gay marriages and that its only a matter of time until the United States follows suit.I think one of ...view middle of the document...

She gave an example of a heterosexual couple that has been together for eight years. This couple has two kids but they aren't married. She says that it's these types of heterosexual couples who are redefining marriage.The author is also trying to say to the audience that gay marriage will be lawful sometime soon despite efforts to ban it. She also believes that it is not a big deal, and it should not be such a huge issue to us: there are other important issues. I believe that the author had well educated and knowledgeable sources, which qualified all statements which were made. Gay marriages probably will be lawful in the United States.I felt that the author's view about gay marriage not being a substantial issue was wrong. It is a huge issue. Millions of people are concerned over it and write to their lawmakers concerning gay marriages. I think it is something that a lot of people care about and should be addressed. Nonetheless, I did agree with her idea that we should focus on other issues. This issue has been beaten to death. This is about morals, what one person believes is right versus another point of view. We should focus more on issues that relate to us all. Education, taxes, and unemployment rates are things that affect us all and should be discussed as much as, or more than gay marriages.


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940 words - 4 pages general because both mothers and fathers will be using this product on their own children. Huggies Diapers are comfortable for a variety of ages, are a dependable product that is apart of a very successful long time company, and will be the best fit for your child. This advertisement is all about finding the best fit for your baby. ( 944 words) 4 Works Cited “History of Kimberly-Clark.” ​GallawayB2B.Com - N95 Masks, Industrial Safety Products

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492 words - 2 pages supports it. Marriage is a right, and as such it should be equal for everyone, homosexuals included. In Italy the discussion has been taken up, but the Parliament cannot approve a law about gay marriage mostly because parties cannot agree because of the pressure from the catholic Church. The solution of this problem could be to create a contract which extends the same legal rights to homosexual couples as the traditional marriage does. For

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1216 words - 5 pages away from homosexual couples who have civil unions. I believe that every human has the right to not be told who they are allowed to love and marry. In addition to the homosexual community, there are other people who will benefit from the inclusion of same sex couple into the world of marriage. What most critics forget to talk about is how beneficial same sex marriage can be to people. Individual states have seen increases in their economy since

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2539 words - 11 pages contrast, people in relationships that are not recognised, such as homosexual couples, are largely and unfairly disadvantaged. They are deprived of access to affordable means of resolving property disputes, difficulties and in some cases denials of child adoption and IVF treatment as well as the death of a partner. Laws about marriage, and consequently superannuation and compensation (where the term "spouse" doesn't apply), family leave (due to

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487 words - 2 pages usual for heterosexuals to see same sex relationships in that time. The Netherlands was the first to accept marriage laws to those of the same sex. Now other countries like France, Brazil, Spain, and even the United States have recognized the rights for homosexual couples. This is only one of the main issues with same sex marriage and there are many more reasons I will be explaining based on religion, morals and beliefs.  Religion, a particular

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1251 words - 6 pages , Foster 1). In an article published on Fathers Day 2001, Doug spoke about his son: "I can't say what every child needs, but I do know what Oscar needs: attention, love, guidance, and support. That's what he gets from me" (Ferrero, Frecker, Foster 2). A home study conducted in 2000, stated that Doug is indeed a good farther and that Oscar was well taken care of (Ferrero, Frecker, Foster 2). The study also showed that there was evidence of love

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752 words - 4 pages Free promiscuity. 3 There is a lot of misunderstanding about what homosexuality and even what marriage itself really is. The stereotype has it that gays are promiscuous.1- " Gay Marriage ", At Issue, An Opposing Viewpoints Series. Page no. 72- " Gay Marriage ", At Issue, An Opposing Viewpoints Series. Page no. 63- " Gay Marriage ", At Issue, An Opposing Viewpoints Series. Page no. 23-24And gays do have such relationships, but like in a straight society where

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1268 words - 6 pages will remain in their "religious closet" and keep their ways of behaving to themselves. ( to an online question and answer website provided by C. Ann Shepard, it is estimated that "ten percent of the total population is homosexual." Out of this ten percent about six percent are said to be practicing some sort of religion. Through my research I have found that many websites that I visited believe that

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4303 words - 18 pages Free words to define straight, gay, homosexual or heterosexual, which in itself shows a different out look on sexual relations entirely. The importance in the word norm is to think about the legality of male homosexuality, the acceptance of it and also the practice of it. While looking in to modern scholarly attitudes, from Cohen to Dover, this essay hopes to untangle the web of confusion surrounding Classical Athenian attitudes to homosexuality. By

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1022 words - 5 pages Free entertained and diverted.The front cover of the February 2002 edition of FHM with Mariah Carey on the front cover promotes the ideology that women are objects for men to use as they please. This magazine promotes certain ideologies about a man's world, which can be seen from the front cover and from articles present inside the magazine and the contents page. These are the assumptions that the magazine makes about its readers. The masthead is modern

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1185 words - 5 pages response to new views of marriage. You may use short quotes from the article, but make sure your own voice dominates. a. “Wakefield” allows the reader to explore the different facets of marriage during this time period. Weinauer states, “Hawthorne seems to register the transitional state in which the institution of matrimony finds itself in the antebellum period.” The reader knows from the beginning the story of “Wakefield” is about marriage. Hawthorne

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454 words - 2 pages already knew about the Erie canal, like it expanded on more than what I would've previously learned in other classes. This article was fairly easy to find. This article was also fairly easy to read. The journal method is a lot more different then using a magazine article, in the ways that I believe more factual information is being presented then in a magazine.

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1335 words - 6 pages Ashlyn Merrell PSY 2010 Dr. Rittman 4 May 18 Sexual Orientation Today Sexual orientation has come a long way in today’s world. There are many definitions of sexual orientation but the most common is a person’s sexual identity to the gender they are attracted to. Based on a survey of 2,000 adults in 2015 from the Public Religion Research Institute 7 percent of the adults identify themselves as either homosexual, bisexual, or transgender. Now with

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654 words - 3 pages involved, it makes sense that the author would try to get any investors interested in this alternative source of energy [1]. 2) What strategies has the author used to accommodate his audiences and purposes? The strategy that the author uses to accommodate his audiences and purposes is the general- to-specific strategy. The author starts off the article with a seemingly unrelated anecdote about his search for where Tri-Alpha’s nuclear experiments

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524 words - 3 pages ways, or bid me lurk where serpents are; chain me with roaring bears…”(Shakespeare, 255) The issue is that Juliet failed to give Paris a chance. Arranged marriages teach those that getting married, to love their spouses traits, good or bad, and teaches them to appreciate one another. Marriage isn’t only about love, it's also about ensuring a good future. “... love is seen as something that develops over time and through shared experiences.”(Fish