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Caesar IT services
Marketing multiple value proposition in one firm by Dhruv Patel
In the year 2005, Caesar introduced Time value project in the market and marketed two of its major value propositions where they used to integrate organizational routine under single brand name. This idea led to creating case three critical problems: “The first key issue that was precisely the remarkable fact that integrated brand name led to diffuse marketing position towards the prospective customers. The second issue was the sales process where sales manager faced problem in selling to different product within the same portfolio. The last issue was faced by Caesar includes the organizational procedures fostered creates conflicts, lack of effective collaboration and frustration against employees”.
Caesar has been a professional information technology services company that has been part of Dutch IT market since the year 1993. There are many factors that make the company different from others in the market like the advantage of organization, low-cost products with better quality, strong brand name and brand equity with a unique selling proposition of company. The major strength of Caesar is that it has been offering high quality of products within its product profile. There are many other factors that can affect the company like increasing competition with multinationals and small regional companies, increasing the shortage of high-quality ICT professionals and that has become a primary concern for the industry, so due to that fight for recruiting most IT talented professionals increasing around the companies. Later in 2001, when the Dotcom bubble crisis emerged, and the company’s strength of cost leadership become a major threat and in during these period many major competitors of the company has been forced to lower down the cost and also due to bubble crisis Caesar layoff their employees. Due to the 2008 economic crisis Dutch IT sector is also affected and according to Exhibit 1, the market dropped from 7.8% to 0.4%. By reviewing conjoint analysis it showed three most eye-catching information that have a significant impact on Time Value project because these characteristics include time, budget, price and guarantee but these factors would be crucial for the company success. Every segment of the analysis has different clients which have a similar inclination. By seeing Exhibit 13, segment 1 comprised the...

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