Marketing Plan For Mc Bride Financial Services

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Marketing Plan for McBride Financial Services"McBride Financial Services will be the preeminent provider of low cost mortgage services using state of the art technology" (Apollo Group, 2005). Currently McBride is operating in five states including Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. McBride Financial services wants to be a one-stop mortgage provider by offering the most efficient and effective processing of mortgage applications from inception to closing.One of McBride's goals is to achieve financials break-even within six months of commencing operations. In order to accomplish this goal, a comprehensive and effective marketing plan will be a key goal. The most import ...view middle of the document...

With that said, McBride must use local media to create exposure in their market while promoting their business. A good place to start would be local realtors. Being able to partner with a few realtors and have them suggest McBride Financial Services as a trusted mortgage company will be an effective marketing tool. Other local media outlets McBride can take advantage of would be local television stations, newspapers, and radio. Along with these media advertisements, McBride can advertise on billboards as well as local stores and establishments.Another trend in media advertising is the ever growing popularity of online advertising. Since McBride Financial Services offers online services, it only makes sense to advertise in the online environment. The tricky part for online advertising for McBride is determining where and how to use the online environment effectively since McBride is only operating in a handful of states. With that said, one of the biggest advantages of online advertising is the ability to target a specific audience. The most popular form of online advertising is "search advertising," and makes up 50% of all online advertisements. "Search advertising relates to keyword based search engine optimization and paid advertising via pay per click campaigns" ("What is online advertising," 2001). When searching for mortgage companies, the search advertising method may be a very effective campaign.So far most of the emphasis for the marketing plan has been placed...


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2338 words - 10 pages Free of our customers. Simply offering drinks to our customers making them feel welcomed can create a relaxed, enjoyable experience. As our products may be difficult to understand as they are intangible we can provide informative, easy reading brochures for our customers to read giving them confidence to stay loyal with us.InseparabilityOur services are sold, then produced and consumed simultaneously. Production and Marketing at this stage are

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4971 words - 20 pages TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0 Executive Summary2.0 Situational Analysis (from industry perspective)2.1 Costs2.2 Profits2.3 Competitors2.4 Macro environment market summary2.5 Market demographics2.6 Market needs2.7 Market trends2.8 Market growth2.9 SWOTT analysis2.9.1 Strengths2.9.2 Weaknesses2.9.3 Opportunities2.9.4 Threats2.9.5 Trends3.0 Marketing Strategy3.1 Financial plan3.2 Market objective3.3 Target market3.4 Segmentation3.5 Differentiation3.6

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519 words - 3 pages Free consolidated server called Small Business Server 2003 that provides all the services required by McBride Financials. There are two versions, Standard and Premium. Premium provides a complete version of SQL Server 2000, the database system offered by Microsoft, and ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration Server) which can provide security for the network without incurring added start-up expenses. The five core services provided by Small Business Server 2003

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799 words - 4 pages planning tool that:describes your business and its products and servicesexplains the position and role of your products and services in the marketprofiles your customers and your competitionidentifies the marketing tactics you will useallows you to build a marketing plan and measure its effectiveness.A marketing strategy sets the overall direction and goals for your marketing, and is therefore different from a marketing plan, which outlines the

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1283 words - 6 pages B2B's website to learn more about the product's features, benefits and the B2B's services that can be provided. (B2b Vs B2c Email, 2008).B2C Marketing PlanThe marketing plan for a B2C will focus on turning a shopper into a buyer. The B2C marketing plan tends to be aggressive and consistent in order to always covey the same message to the consumer. The marketing tools used consist of coupons, offers and web displays in order to sway the consumer into

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2294 words - 10 pages efficiency of the campaign. He must what is working well for him and what are the required changes to improve the efficiency. The type of example marketing manager would use are as follows: · Promotions: Click Through Rate · Distribution: Sales and revenue performance · Inventory: Average inventory · Retail: Gross Margin · Pricing: Cost per lead · Products: Customer lifetime value 3. What are the seven steps in an e-marketing plan? Explain each