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Global Environment Essay

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Environmental SolutionsUnited Nations delegates have stressed the importance for the global community to protect the world's environment against rapid degradation. It is the responsibility of the international community to address these challenges which have taken a devastating tool on their economic and agricultural structure. In order to devise a method to battle these problems the UN has proposed a global Convention to Combat Desertification. This will be a forum to put policy and planning into action and will also encourage cooperation and collaboration among many regions. No country has the power to tackle these dangerous environmental imbalances alone. It will only be through wide-spread support that effective measures and substantial resources can be ...view middle of the document...

Climate change has also been recognized as a chief environmental concern and a serious phenomenon with diverse and local impacts. In recognizing this principle it is the responsibility of countries to support measures which provide solutions. In particular the UN promotes the support of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. They believe that by supporting this initiative we will encourage environmental awareness and provide practical steps to slow down climate change brought on by harmful greenhouse gases.This article highlights a variety of measures which are being taken to help developing countries create sustainable environments. These problems must be looked at and considered by the international community in order to make any real headway. Problems concerning the environment are not restricted to biologist or radical environmental groups but, rather, are seen as a real and pressing threat to many international law making bodies and organizations. This is not a mere problem which will be thrown onto future generations while remaining unaddressed by the current. All of these initiatives which have been implemented or are in their seed stages have real effects on our globe, both economically and otherwise. The United States has also put billions of tax dollars into projects concerning the environment. Furthermore, this article puts many of the concepts we have learned in class into a modern context which not only effect third world nations but policy making within are country.Questions1.What is the United Nations stance on environmental problems, what types of solutions have they proposed?2.List one effect of desertification can have on a community?3.What are some goals which the Convention to Combat Desertification looks to achieve?4.What is the goal of the Kyoto Protocol?

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