Moral Dilemma Of Computer Science & Government Tamu Comp Sci Short Research Assignment

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My dilemma is one that happened between Apple and the FBI in 2015. There was a dispute between the two organizations over the unlocking of an iPhone 5C, specifically, the one used by one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino shooting. The FBI tried to force Apple to create a special OS that would allow them to unlock the phone without the password. Apple declined to do so because doing this would violate their policy of not creating security flaws in their devices. The harmful effects of opening the phone far outweigh the benefits, in this case.
If Apple did unlock the phone for the FBI, it would mean that government bodies can force private companies to create flaws in their systems, violating the privacy of everyone. If the FBI could make Apple do this, any government could. If Apple did open the phone, the government would maybe find some information on the terrorist, but it is doubtful anything significant would be discovered. And this for the sake of every person’s privacy? Apple did the correct thing in making the government deal with their own problems.
The innovation which gave rise to this dilemma is Apple’s use of a 4-digit passcode, locking after failed attempts, and device wipe at too many failed passcode attempts. The 4-digit passcode means there are 10,000 combinations of numbers that could possibly the password. The iPhone locks itself for a mat...


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1852 words - 8 pages -interest Looking for a resource? There is now a quick and easy search tool to help find free resources for your qualification: This formative assessment resource has been produced as part of our free GCSE teaching and learning support package. All the GCSE teaching and learning resources, including delivery guides, topic exploration packs, lesson elements and more are available on the qualification webpages. If you are looking for examination practice materials, you can find Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs) on the qualification webpage: Computer Science (9-1)

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1901 words - 8 pages sample approximates the population value. For example, in a national voting poll the margin of error might be + or – 3%. This means that if 60% of the people in a sample favor Mr. Smith, you could confident that, if you surveyed the entire population, between 57% (60-3) and 63% (60+3) of the population would favor Mr. Smith. The margin of error in social science research generally ranges from 3% to 7% and is closely related to sample size. A

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3019 words - 13 pages there is no fluffy explanation and that the poem got straight to the                                    point in a perhaps shocking way.  Media Log 2  De Maupassant, Guy. “The Vendetta”. 1883.  In “Vendetta” Guy de Maupassant tells the story of an old mother relentlessly avenging her son's                                  death and the moral implications that her actions impose. The theme of this story is that revenge is

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5741 words - 23 pages a cheesy aroma. Due to Stuart A. Koser, a USDA microbiologist, analyzing the fascinating commercial salt-rising starters “The realization that the salt-rising bacterium was a form of pathogen came in 1923”, (McGee 2014). Through his research he learned that a microbe found was common in soil and human intestine. He didn’t figure out that it led to food poisoning, but it was suggestion that it had a correlation with gangrenous flesh wounds. Koser