Multiculturalism And Racism: An Almost Perfect World

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Multiculturalism is the preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation. The policy of multiculturalism was introduced by the Whitlam labour government in the year 1972. Well, we all have different opinions concerning multiculturalism. Some think it could ruin a nation, while others might think it could glorify it. The truth is: multiculturalism has no benefit. It just improves the image of countries in the face of others. What difference could an Asian make from an African?

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Brown, Black and White are colours that make up our diverse multicultural society. For many years in the past, racism has caused gangs, murders, racist remarks and insults. Countries like Australia are the nations that pride themselves on the rareness of racism.

The two main multiculturalism policies that Australia thrives on are Economic Efficiency and Cultural Identity. Working Efficiency is the need to develop and maintain the skills of Australians, regardless of background. Cultural identity is the right to talk about heritage or background without getting criticised for it.

In today's world, there is racism in certain countries and usually for a reason. The reason might be for very minor things like land ownership or theft. Other major issues that might cause racism are political power or wars. Ultimately, the issues are solved and the offended are compensated.

In the end, no-one has reason to be racist. Multiculturalism is the thing that keeps this world alive. If people were to stay only with other people of their kind, lack of exposure to the outside world would result in them not knowing how to communicate or sort out something. Also, racism to one person causes racism to another, then another and then the racism will be directed at you. Therefore, racism by one causes racism to one.

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