Murder Mystery About The Killing Of A Wealthy Woman For Love Or Lust Biloxi High Essay

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Zavier Rogers
Ms. Bush
English I
21 March 2018
Murder- Wealth V. Love
On september 16,2012, the body of Julia Harris was found in her home in Wilroads Gardens. At first, police suspected her death was due to natural causes but, after finding cyanide in Mrs.Harris’s bloodstream, they are now suspecting foul play. As of now, there are two suspects Mary Wolston, household maid and friend of Mrs. Harris, and Dr. Harold Wong, Mrs. Harris’s ex-lover and doctor. Mrs.Harris was killed by Mary Wolston which is evidenced by the finding of her hair and fingerprints on Mrs. Harris’s body and that the room was untouched.
Ms. Wolston is guilty because there were pieces of dna that belonged to her on Julia Harris’s body. The police evidence states,“ Fingerprints and foreign hair fibers on the body belonged to the maid, Mary Wolston.”(Mulder). This reason is valid because the maid was around her almost 24/7 and she was always close if the body had her fingerprints and hair on it she had to be really close to Mrs.Harris at time of death. Ms. Wolston is also guilty because the room where the body was found was untouched. The police evidence states,”The room was not disturbed and there were no signs of forced entry.”(Mulder). This evidence show that Mary is guilty beca...


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