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Mrs. Giovannone
Physical and Chemical Changes Lab
· Do NOT touch any of the chemicals; many are toxic and corrosive. Wash immediately if any chemical comes into contact with eyes or skin.
· Copper (II) chloride is very poisonous. Report any spills to your teacher.
· Hydrochloric acid is corrosive. Any spills on the skin, in the eyes, or on clothing should be washed immediately with cold water. Report any spills to your teacher
Purpose: To observe the difference between physical and chemical changes.
Hypothesis: If one or more of the following indicators below are present in the experiment, then a chemical change has occurred because… (list the five clues of a chemical change) (2.5 marks)
Materials/Equipment: List all materials and equipment used during the lab. (8.5 marks)
Procedure: **for your report, REWRITE in PAST TENSE, 3rd person (stating what was done). (6 marks)
Read the instructions carefully for each of the stations, and fill in the observation chart as you proceed. Remember to make observations BEFORE and AFTER the mixing the substances!
Station #1: Place about 10 drops of Na2SO4 in clean test tube. Add 10 drops of Ba(NO3)2 to the test tube. Let sit for 2-3 minutes. Record observations.
Station #2: Place about 10 drops of hydrochloric acid in a clean test tube. Obtain a strip a magnesium ribbon. Add the ribbon to the test tube. Hold the test tube to the back of your hand. Record observations.
Station #3: With a scoopula, place a small scoop of sodium chloride into a test tube. Fill the test tube a quarter full of water. Place a rubber stopper...


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