My Most Influential Discovery In Biology Biology Essay

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My Most Influential Discovery in Biology
The biggest discovery in the biology field that influenced my life is Antonie Van
Leeuwenhoek’s discovery of the microscope lens. I feel like this helped all of humanity because
with that discovery came so much power over disease and illness.This idea first appeared in 1632
but was modified for along time to make it more efficient.Today they are used in every lab and
doctor office i know of. Without them we would not be able to split diseases into different areas
like bacteria and virus’ and things like that.And without knowing what they are there would be
no way for us to find a treatment to get rid of them, therefore we would not make it with diseases
like chicken poxs and cancer. Cancer has not really been solved but we know what it looks like
and how the cell works so we can use treatment like radiation without killing a person but we
still affect the growth and reproduction of cells all because we know how they work thanks to the
microscope.I think all around it was one of the best things ever introduced to the medical field.
It affects every human in so many ways.It allows us to figure out so many things such as
how cells reproduce.To me since it lead to learning about cell reproduction it has saved lots of
lives. It helps us learn about how bacterias affect the human body, and what we can use against
them to counter the illness and heal from them.I can't express how many illnesses that I think it
has prevented from being so devastating.Things as small as a stomach bug are things the
microscope helped us further understand and cure.I don't think if we didnt have them we would
have had so much success throughout the years as far as a population.Without ...


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