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In Andrew Carnegie's essay “Wealth” he speaks about his own beliefs on wealth.
When making his points, Carnegie primarily focuses on getting his message across to those
it applies to, the elite/wealthy​. ​ Carnegie states wealthy people much like himself should
spread their wealth and leave a positive impact on the world​.​ With that, he makes it clear a
wealthy man should give while he is alive​.​ Carnegie being a millionaire himself and a self
made one at that, many would be interested in reading this essay and be motivated by the
way he chose to spend his money during his lifetime (for the greater good​.​)
Andrew Carnegie in a true “rags to riches” story grew up with little money and
gradually made his way to the top being one of the wealthiest men from his time period.
When Carnegie's steel company expanded and so did his wealth. But it was what he did with
his wealth that makes him stand out from most entrepreneurs.
The main point of this essay is to inspire and guide those who have plenty of money
to spare and showing them to spare their money on things that will positively affect a society.
Potentially closing the large gap between the wealthy and the poor, and equalizing
opportunities. Carnegie after retirement became a generous Philanthropist who wanted to
share his views on spreading wealth within the world for the greater good.
In this essay, Carnegie explains money can be distributed in three ways, first was
passing ​it down to the eldest son and the money being carried on generation to generation.
Carnegie’s opinion on leaving money to family was that not all family is deserving of the
money and he believes people should work for their successes and not rely on their parents
all their lives​. ​He goes on to raise the question is this to be considered “misguided
affection?” stating in the long run it is only hurting the people the money is left to because of
the negative effects it can have on their character and work ethic​.​ The second was leaving it
to the government when they died​. ​He believed the government may ...

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