Dracula Essay: Good Versus Evil Brhs English 4 H Essay

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Ashlyn Bryant
Mr. Atkins
English 4 H
3 April 2019
Dracula: Good vs. Evil
In the Victorian Era, it was strongly believed that a person was either fully evil or fully good. The difference between right and wrong in this time was drastic and was viewed in a highly religious sense. There was no “in between” or belief that everyone is born with a slight evil side as there is in modern day. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, good and evil were portrayed as polar forces with an “either or” mindset with absolutely no in between.
Dracula was basically considered an Antichrist in the time of Bram Stoker. Most people during this time were extremely religious and any ungodly soul was thought to be satanic. For example, Dracula was injured if he came in contact with a holy item such as a crucifix. This proves that he was an evil being as the opposite of him would be labeled holy. Anyone trying to get rid of the evil that Dracula portrays were the good guys. This perfectly describes Van Hesiling’s Crew of Light who were also known as the vampire hunters. A group of humans trying to defeat an evil monster is a solid representation of the religious beliefs in victorian times.
In addition to contrasting good and evil, there are many examples portrayed of how good was influenced by evil. Mina Harker was a pure, young woman who symbolized good exactly how it was to people in this era. Van Helsing states, “She is one of God's women, fashioned by His own hand to show us men and other women that...

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