Ethical Dilemmas Of Case Study Diploma In Nursing , College Essay

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Unit title: Ethical Dilemmas
Unit code: AHM845
Learner: Linda Henaku
Description of Assignment:
Task 1 - AC 1.1
You will be asked to contribute to a discussion of the following subjects. In your groups, you will be allocated one of the following subjects which you will introduce to the group.
1. Confidentiality (avoiding inappropriate disclosure of information)
2. Autonomy (services users choice)
3. Justice (distribution of resources)
4. Risk management (when promoting service user independence)
Following the discussion group, you should write short notes, for each of the four subjects above. Your notes should explain how these subjects may present dilemmas for health and social care workers giving an example for each. Your short notes (up to about 100 words each = total for the task about 400) should show you can explain the possible dilemmas faced by health and social care workers. You do not have to make decisions about how to resolve these as this task is about explaining the possible dilemmas staff face.
The group discussion will take place on [DATE].
Task 2 - AC 2.1 and 3.1
This will be an essay of between 1200 – 1300 words which will require you to analyse in detail two of the issues explained in task 1. Your essay title is:
Analyse possible ways of resolving at least two ethical dilemmas (from the supplied case studies) by individual care workers and/or agencies which demonstrates examples of good and bad practice. In this you should provide, from contrasting ethical perspectives, ethical justifications for conflicting decisions.
· Ensure you have read widely (text books, professional journals, newspapers as well as using online sources) and have used your own words throughout, referencing any sources clearly (in-text and a bibliography).
· It is important to avoid personal opinions in your reasoning, such as ‘I feel’, ‘I think’ or ‘in my opinion’.
· In terms of bad practice you need to consider the dangers of paternalism and making decisions which override human rights.
· Ensure you have clearly stated the word count of your essay. Work must not exceed the word limits given as this could affect the grading. Work that exceeds the word limit excessively will not be assessed beyond 1300 words.
· To achieve higher grades, carefully read through the merit and distinction guidance below.
Draft submission requirements
A draft submission is not permitted for this unit.
Date set: 14th January 2019
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Date for final
submission: 29th March 2019 – 4pm
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