One Summer Day On Tompkins Mountain

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One Summer Day on Tompkins Mountain Atop Mount Tompkins, where my dad bought some property in the summer of 1997, was a day of which I¡Çll never forget. I have never seen such a day that was so beautiful, so imaginative, so eerie, so frightening and memorable in my lifetime as a child. The summer days and nights had completely split personalities, almost like good and evil.The day finally came to move into our new house. There it was, as we reached the top of our three mile long driveway, there came into view, an adventure; my imagination took over. I jumped out of the car just in time to see the first morning at our new house begin.The day began when the sun brightened ...view middle of the document...

Between what seemed to be cracks and crevices was Republic, a small town that was 20 minutes away, wedged neatly between the overpowering mountains. The more I discovered, the more it seemed like a dream.As the day went on, things kept getting better. The woods were full of adventure, the insects were very interesting, and riding my bike was a blast. The most interesting thing I came upon was a hole made in the middle of what I call a tick bush. It proved to be a good hideout, and soon became my fort.Even being covered by the shade of the trees, the temperature was well above comfortable. I ran, and quickly grabbed my bathing suit, headed down to the pond, and jumped in feet first. After hours of playing and splashing around, somewhat looking like a prune, I noticed something was different.The sun was fading in the horizon, and suddenly gave me the chills. The frogs that were noisily croaking a few moments ago, sat quietly watching me as I jumped out of the seemingly very eerie pond. I went to reach for my towel and recklessly tripped over the outstretched tangled mess of the blackberry vines, cutting my knees and dirtying my pal...


Brokeback Mountain Reflective Essay - Plymouth state university sex in the cinema - Essay

1185 words - 5 pages work to ‘un-queer’ Ennis and Jack, putting them in a safe boundary for heterosexual cinema.”  Both men are unable to accept their own sexuality, and depart on a summer of employment, denying the fact that they are gay and in love with one another. The scene where Ennis recalls his own father’s disapproval of queers shows how humans typically root for the underdog. As a child, his father brings him to see what happens to gay men in Wyoming before

Vail Resorts Case Analysis

7419 words - 30 pages seasonal resorts will begin to operate year-round. Vail Resorts has already been on the cutting edge of many of these trends and predictions (Coy and Haralson, 2005).Strategic EvaluationVail Resorts has one dramatic distinctive competency, which is the ability to provide exceptional service to customers seeking a mountain getaway. This competency is built upon Vail's reputation as operating quality ski resorts, as well as its reputation for great

Assignment On A Day In The Wilderness

1301 words - 6 pages percussion section in nature?s orchestra. The subtle crunching of the dry leaves beneath my feet make for an interesting tune as well. They are crunching in time with my steps. The whole trail becomes an ongoing symphony of immaculate beauty, continuing on even after my footsteps have lost the beat.As the journey moves on the almost perfect trail has chosen for me to stop. The side of the mountain is calling for me to move up further. The next thing that

Essay on the history and mechanics of Bicycle Racing - Williamsville North/ Gym - Research paper

2113 words - 9 pages Free cycling where the riders are on a banked track that is usually oval or a circle. Other disciplines include BMX, Cyclo-cross, Mountain biking, and Cycle speedway. They each have different tracks and bike styles. BMX bikes are generally smaller with stronger frames, and only one gear. There is also freestyle BMX which is a trick contest. Freestyle BMX is less about racing and more about performing the best trick and getting a higher score than your

Paper On The Best Summer

335 words - 2 pages , sometimes it is impossible to work in summer at all for its hot in our city. If I do not have a summer vacation I would be sitting in stuffy office. Why must I spend this precious time on my work? Next, in summer I can spend more time with my little kids because they have a vacation too and it is not optional. Moreover, I can not find enough time for my family during the rest of the year. So the summer is perfect for me to acquit. For example, we have

JOSE VARGAS ESSAY- about immigration - ENL 28 - ESSAY

1056 words - 5 pages Free even though Vargas was tired of running and getting only a certain amount of time acceptable identification he had extensive hope in his will that one day he would not have to run anymore. He truly wanted to reach out to other people who were in his position who were trying to become successful and chase the American Dream. The Meaning of U.S. Citizenship by the LA Times stated, “America is often known as a nation of immigrants.” This is important

Land Elevation Vs. Rainfall

798 words - 4 pages the rain shadow of the mountains.Orographic precipitation can occur at any latitude, any season, and at any time of the day. The only conditions are that there must be a topographic barrier and moist air must move over it. San Diego County is a great example of this rain shadow effect. Death Valley and other mountain-sheltered valleys of the western and southwestern United States are also rain shadow deserts. The Patagonian Monte Desert on the

Elementary School Mt. Everest Geography Assignment

1020 words - 5 pages Free general mount Everest losing is tonnes during all of the erosion. India is pushing up into the rest of the Himalayas and Mount Everest. The rest of the mountains around mount Everest are getting taller by 5 millimetres each year. Source: 1 Mount Everest eroding due to weathering Source 2. Nepali Sherpa cleaning up waste left behind by climbers. Humans use the mountain to go on the ultimate challenge to climb the glorious mountain. Its also one of

Shoe Maker

1414 words - 6 pages one he had envied. The bed was gigantic! It had silk sheets (just like he wanted) and tassels hanging off the end. There were six pillows and on the center one was a bowl of fruit with the most magnificent fruits the shoemaker had ever seen. He was nearly beside himself with joy, and in his new, good, life the old one was soon forgotten. It was now the beginning of summer, and each day the sun blazed more fiercely. One morning the heat was

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880 words - 4 pages Free temperature differences on earth. For example: the mountain range of the lithosphere is interacting with the lower air pressure of the atmosphere and the snowy precipitation of the hydrosphere. Biosphere The biosphere is the layer of the planet Earth where life exists. This layer ranges from heights of up to 10km above sea level. Energy, provided as sun light, is captured by plants, some bacteria and protists, in photosynthesis. The captured energy

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761 words - 4 pages know that if there was anyone who would get my reading intact, she should allow me to do it with her. She would be the best person to get me back in line every time. I was eight years old and promoting to the third-grade on this summer vacation. My second-grade teacher informed my mother that I was not doing very well with reading. She didn’t require summer school but highly recommended that I go. My mother decided that this summer, I would be

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2256 words - 10 pages Frazier 9 ENGL 102 Research Paper: The Isle of Man TT The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) is considered one of the greatest motorsports in the world. Every year in June, motorcycle racers compete on two public roads at higher speeds of over 200mph making the event one of the most dangerous races in the world. The Isle of Man is an independent and a crown-dependent island in the Irish Sea and strategically located between Ireland and England

Brief overview of Chiang Mai, Thailand for a possible marketing venture - University of Delaware - International Marketing - Essay

528 words - 3 pages Catharine (Katie) Murnane Chiang Mai, Thailand Geography A. Location and Topography Chiang Mai is the second most populated province in Northern Thailand which is bordered by the countries of Myanmar (Burma) on its left and Laos on its right. It is tucked in a valley surrounded by forested mountains of the Khun Tan Range, whose mountains vary in size yet one, Doi Inthanon, reaches a maximum height of 2,565 meters. The mountain range forms a

Tanabata: The Japanese Star Festival

506 words - 3 pages Tanabata- Japanese Star Festival Every country around the world had many different festivals and celebrations that out own. Japan has many different festivals each season based on the lunar calendar. One of the most celebrated festivals in Japan is a festival called Tanabata, which is also called the Star Festival.The first annual observance of summer is known as Tanabata, falling on July 7. It is a day that commemorates a romantic story, first


1921 words - 8 pages Father, speaking from death, or Uncle with his shiny last dime? I listened, ear pressed to a cold pipe, and heard a howl like a sea. I lay until I was cold and then crawled back to the light, rising from one knee, then another, to dust off my pants and squint in the harsh light. I looked and saw the glare of a pie tin on a hot day. I knew sin was what you took and didn’t give back. BEFORE STEALING THE PIE Thesis and plan of proof for