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One Summer Day On Tompkins Mountain

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One Summer Day on Tompkins Mountain Atop Mount Tompkins, where my dad bought some property in the summer of 1997, was a day of which I¡Çll never forget. I have never seen such a day that was so beautiful, so imaginative, so eerie, so frightening and memorable in my lifetime as a child. The summer days and nights had completely split personalities, almost like good and evil.The day finally came to move into our new house. There it was, as we reached the top of our three mile long driveway, there came into view, an adventure; my imagination took over. I jumped out of the car just in time to see the first morning at our new house begin.The day began when the sun brightened and ...view middle of the document...

Between what seemed to be cracks and crevices was Republic, a small town that was 20 minutes away, wedged neatly between the overpowering mountains. The more I discovered, the more it seemed like a dream.As the day went on, things kept getting better. The woods were full of adventure, the insects were very interesting, and riding my bike was a blast. The most interesting thing I came upon was a hole made in the middle of what I call a tick bush. It proved to be a good hideout, and soon became my fort.Even being covered by the shade of the trees, the temperature was well above comfortable. I ran, and quickly grabbed my bathing suit, headed down to the pond, and jumped in feet first. After hours of playing and splashing around, somewhat looking like a prune, I noticed something was different.The sun was fading in the horizon, and suddenly gave me the chills. The frogs that were noisily croaking a few moments ago, sat quietly watching me as I jumped out of the seemingly very eerie pond. I went to reach for my towel and recklessly tripped over the outstretched tangled mess of the blackberry vines, cutting my knees and dirtying my palms....

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