Packet Tracer Wiresharke Physical Device Master Of It Research

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Packet Tracer
Packet Tracer is a simulation design tool by Cisco system it is dynamic network design software that helps end-user practice and analysis the behavior of network. Packet Tracer presents simplicity on complicated network interface by recreation, representation, authoring and evaluation the abilities. It helps the user design and debugs the network without using physical routers and switches. Packet Tracer can be used within two work space logical and physical mode. Logical mode is the scenery that allows designing of the network by placing, connecting and clustering where as physical mode is graphical representation of switch, router and host. It provides two mode for visualization of network real time mode and simulation mode. In real time mode the network works as a real device which makes the user have knowledge and idea as they are working with the real device. And simulation mode gives brief view of the network fundamentals. It is Easy to install, firstly it is open source software and all the resource is included on the installation package file. It is available with the entire platform including Smartphone. But, packet tracker is only limited to the Cisco network only. It is limited with IOS commands.
Graphical Network simulator is the open source risk free virtual network simulator where user can design, build and test our network. GNS3 is also an easy way of building and test the network without any presence of physical devices. It depends on Dynamips and QSEMU. Dynamips enable user to use IOS emulator. An IOS image must be created for running the GNS3. Resources should be downloaded separately as per the user requirement. GNS3 doesn’t require internet connection for accessing the resources and project. GNS3 is compatible with cross platform OS like window, Mac OS and Linux. It is highly reliable and smooth on Linux. Installation takes few more steps then packet tracer makes it inconvenient. GNS3 takes access amount of memory and CPU resources, more the number of router and switch more resources is consumed.
Vmware is the virtual networking which provide easy workout in most complicated network design with the VMware server. Being virtual it works exactly like the physical devices without any networking devices. VMware can be installing in multiple machine or same virtual server with own IP address and MAC address. So, one single physical device can be used to run various virtual devices which make it convenient and cost efficiency. VMware provide three virtual device switch, Ethernet adopter and virtual device. The biggest drawback of VMware is the response time; it is not as fast as Packet tracer and GNS3.
Physical device
Physical device networking is actual design and connection of the different type of physical devices of networking. Real Physical device gives us idea about the real time work environment of network. It gives us wide view of every problem and troubleshoot associated with it. But, the cost associated with real design of the network device is high. Cost of the networking device like router, switch, server, wireless devices are increasing rapidly. Additional cost is also added from Infrastructure for storing the networking device, power supply, heat etc. On the other hand, the technology is evolving rapidly that device become useless or loss it market value.
After analyzing all of the above process, I think I would like to use the packet tracer for the assignment 4. Since the packet tracer is open source and has more features with easy interface, no need to install additional package like VMware packet tracer is best for the network design.
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