Personal Growth And Development Lima Senior High Essay

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Career Research
What would you actually do on this job? What would your responsibilities be?
Create good poetry writings and pursue my poems in a bigger and better company . I would have to improve in my writing skills and show that I am a great writer
Would this job require working nights or only during the day? Would it require a schedule that changes?
Working during the day / night . yes the schedule would change .
What kind of clothes would you wear to work? Would you wear a uniform every day? Dress Clothes? Casual clothes?
Appropriate casual outfits . I would wear that kind of uniform everyday . casual and cute .
What type of tools or equipment do you need to know how to use on this job?
Your hands and mind
On this job, do you work with your hands? Your brain? Your muscles?
Your muscles .
Are there certain emotional or intelligence requirements for this job?
Intelligence so you can know how and what to write for the audience .
Are there certain physical requirements for this job?
Yes traveling to different places over the world for writing.
What kind of work habits or work ethics does this job require?
It requires typing and communicating plus traveling .
Section B: Working Conditions
Where does the work take place?
At a college , course or institution
What are the conditions like on this job? The work environment? Is it an office job or an outdoor job?
The conditions can be difficult and good depending on the people . big work environment . office job
Is this a job that you can “leave at the office” or does it require a lot of personal time?
You can leave whenever depending on where you are .
Does this job involve frustration and boredom you would have to tolerate to make a paycheck?
It could be frustrating to some people if you can handle going house to house and it could be bored as well if you can’t make it excited.
Section C:...

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