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I Love technology; I started working with technology at the age of 8 years old. I always invented machines and I also made my own laboratory where I used to work with my science projects. This year I constructed my own robot, which you can see a picture in my portfolio.I am also talented at making websites, and doing music, which I love to do. I learned making websites and published it to the internet by myself. I learned how to work in java Script, HTML, HTM, Flash animations, and java applets.I also work with other website utilities that help it to be and look better. I also use java Paint Shop Pro to do Logos and ot ...view middle of the document...

And I'm very involved in soccer at my school, playing for Varsity since the 8th Grade and actually working hard in the training, and leaving the best of me in the fields.My goal is to take advantage of all the knowledge that I learned in ROTC and from all my teachers and apply them in my own and other people lives to make of me a better person and of this world a better one. That's why I was in the Association of Dominican Scouts. When I was ten years old, I was awarded in Art for being a member of the school chorus. In Queens N.Y. I also completed the United Way's Multi-Cultural Enrichment Program in Christa McAuliffe School P.S. 149. I was chosen to be part of The Magnet School of the City of Queens, 1994, which I did not complete because we moved.I want to go to college and study electrical engineer with a concentration in Audio Engineer. And get a scholarship. I also want to be a professional soccer player. Because I think I am really good at soccer and I have the chance to play for a college at first and then move up to a higher soccer level.The award that makes me feel so proud is the "Cadet Challenge" from the Headquarters, Second Region (ROTC) and from them I got The "National Physical Fitness Award". Giving the best of me is like giving something back to the people who believes in me.I am a type I diabetes- patient. That does not makes me feel depress or unlucky I feel that's a challenge to try harder and "reach for the stars".


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446 words - 2 pages Personal Data Statement I confirm that all the information I have given is correct. I am aware that personal data relating to myself (including, where relevant, sensitive personal data*), whether obtained from myself or from any other source, will be retained by SEMESTER RECRUITMENT ('the Agency') for the purposes of providing temporary work and/or employment opportunities and/or training and/or auditing. I understand and agree that the Agency

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1277 words - 6 pages Over 30,000 FREE Essays User Name: Password: Would you pay to have a paper temporarily removed from so that you don't get accused of cheating? I would pay up to $2/week I would pay $3/week I would pay $5/week or more No Possibly What for? View results Post Essay Tell a Friend Custom Essays Plagiarism info Terms Essay Links Link to Us Teachers

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407 words - 2 pages jobs. In conclusion, every person has to be careful with whom they interact with, and whom you send your personal info to, like pictures, address, bank account, or what you post or comment online. Thank you for your attention and be safe.

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729 words - 3 pages Engler-Lynch: ENGWR 300+ Formal Essay #2: Reflection Due: Fri., Nov. 9, 2018 Essay Focus: Choose one sentence in Jeannette Walls’s autobiography The Glass Castle and reflect on how it is meaningful in the story, in society today, and in your own life. Important Info: The Glass Castle, published in 2005, is an autobiography about the upbringing and early adulthood of best-selling author Jeannette Walls. Walls was raised in the 1960s and

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1402 words - 6 pages Bank Canada Pension Plan Program (ESDC PPU 146). You can ask to see your file by contacting a Service Canada office. Instructions for requesting personal information are provided in the government publication entitled Info Source, which is available at the following web site address: Info Source may also be accessed on-line at any Service Canada Centre. You have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy

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530 words - 3 pages Enron Corporation's fishy accounting practices, the siphoning of profits at Adelphia Communications Corp., allegations of tax fraud and lavish personal spending of company money at Tyco International and WorldCom Inc.'s bid to hide billions of dollars worth of expenses are just a few examples of unethical activities. Scandals and bankruptcies in the United States at companies like Enron and WorldCom Inc. have focused attention on the abuse of

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494 words - 2 pages correction · Must have a valid driver’s license · Must be willing to travel · Must pass a panel interview · Must pass a background check and obtain a top secret security clearance Like I said you have to have personal skills like being about to put things together, being able to figure puzzles out, have a pretty strong stomach, be a good listener, be able to follow directions have to be able to work in a group (that’s one thing I need to work on

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3487 words - 14 pages Health. (Course numbers will change but typically the course names do not, so learn both). This order was fine to get me into the groove of things. My Personal Course Timeline: I ended up taking each OA with about 2 days of prep time ending with the 3rd day testing. I outlined my schedule ahead of time to give myself 2 days of study on the material (granted I had small kiddos at home so a "full" day of study is relative). The 3rd day I spent the

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2150 words - 9 pages Free advocate cutting size of congressional states1. staffs provide congress with own independent info and expertise, process mail and maintain contacts with constituents2. concern- cutting staffs would make congress more dependent on executive branch and interest groups for info/policy expertise, less able to process constituent concernsXII. Ethnics and congressA. separation of powers and corruptiona. fragmentation of power (decentralization

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876 words - 4 pages agree with me because who doesn’t love sleep. So that summed up everything in the big five other than the personal info it asked us. I thought the test was a great eye opener and really has me thinking about how I could make these results how I want them and maybe later on take the test again and see what I get but for right now I am convinced that im an ok person and im ok with that right now.

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936 words - 4 pages that what you write is criminologically informed and supported with reference to the theory, research, and relevant publications. Do not base your arguments on personal anecdotes or ‘common-sense’ and always support your comments, questions and arguments with references to criminological, criminal justice, and where relevant, media sources. 7. Include in-text citations and a bibliography. Include only those texts you have referred to in the main

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890 words - 4 pages rise of new weaponry, and advanced military aircrafts. With the conspiracy being true, there is no deniers of the claims. The information found was all ‘for’ the claims rather than ‘against the claims’. In a personal view, before knowing that it was true, hearing something like this wouldn't necessary surprise me. I’d expect something like this to happen, I do believe many of those wild conspiracies, especially the fake moon landings. Another

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1207 words - 5 pages :// This site will give you the permits you will need to apply for and the laws you will need to follow, such as the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, the Australian Consumer Law 2011 and the Trade Practices Act 1974. There is an understanding in the vintage business sector that their business sense is different but somewhat same to department stores, such as quick inventory turnover and product circulation

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1401 words - 6 pages supported, more and more are included in every release. The kernel has been successfully loaded onto Apple iPods, video game systems, watches, and even cameras in addition to personal and business computers, which means that Linux has potential to run on anything.Security is one of the features that Linux is known for. With many people logged in at once, those users must have limitations on what they can do without damaging the system. This means

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1461 words - 6 pages development, and social controversies.Face-to-face contact- we are able to see body language by seeing the customer face-to-face. Sometimes personal contact is the key for selling the product.Product fairs- professional meetings- AIA- AIA has a number of conferences throughout the world all year. By attending these conferences we are able to showcase our product to our direct audience.Teleconference- Having a teleconference would enable us to inform