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Personal Info Essay

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I Love technology; I started working with technology at the age of 8 years old. I always invented machines and I also made my own laboratory where I used to work with my science projects. This year I constructed my own robot, which you can see a picture in my portfolio.I am also talented at making websites, and doing music, which I love to do. I learned making websites and published it to the internet by myself. I learned how to work in java Script, HTML, HTM, Flash animations, and java applets.I also work with other website utilities that help it to be and look better. I also use java Paint Shop Pro to do Logos and other ...view middle of the document...

And I'm very involved in soccer at my school, playing for Varsity since the 8th Grade and actually working hard in the training, and leaving the best of me in the fields.My goal is to take advantage of all the knowledge that I learned in ROTC and from all my teachers and apply them in my own and other people lives to make of me a better person and of this world a better one. That's why I was in the Association of Dominican Scouts. When I was ten years old, I was awarded in Art for being a member of the school chorus. In Queens N.Y. I also completed the United Way's Multi-Cultural Enrichment Program in Christa McAuliffe School P.S. 149. I was chosen to be part of The Magnet School of the City of Queens, 1994, which I did not complete because we moved.I want to go to college and study electrical engineer with a concentration in Audio Engineer. And get a scholarship. I also want to be a professional soccer player. Because I think I am really good at soccer and I have the chance to play for a college at first and then move up to a higher soccer level.The award that makes me feel so proud is the "Cadet Challenge" from the Headquarters, Second Region (ROTC) and from them I got The "National Physical Fitness Award". Giving the best of me is like giving something back to the people who believes in me.I am a type I diabetes- patient. That does not makes me feel depress or unlucky I feel that's a challenge to try harder and "reach for the stars".

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