Process Of A Stay At Home Mother Reacher Writing Reschear Paper

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The Process of a Stay at Home Mother
Josephine I. Bernal
Intermediate Composition
Regis University
The Process of a Stay at Home Mother
Building a home environment is a time consuming process. To add children to the mix requires not only time but patients, selflessness and multitasking. Each of these steps requires specific out comes. The following analysis gives the basic steps followed when being a stay at home mother.
The need to be a good mother is crucial. If your children see you trying and involved it sets an example for the people they become when they are an adult and parenting their own. A perfect mother is not the goal (10 Ways To Be A Happy Stay Home Mom, 2017). A mother that loves unconditional and keeps trying despite all odds will be a reflection of the hard work for the people of the future not just the ones we are raising.
To keep a home functioning and stress free, patients is not only key with your tiny people but essential. Patients will set the peace. It also establishes room for open communication to be heard and said within the family. All parents wish they had more of this when it comes to dealing with children but it does take practice. Realizing your triggers, making a plan when anger arises and breathing (literally take a moment and count to 10, maybe even to 60 if needed) will all help develop better patients over all. Also knowing that they are children and when they grow their childish ways will go away and soon we will be able to relate on an adult level with them. So try to enjoy the not so easy moments too. Take the good and the bad with mother hood.
Once a woman gives birth some find it hard to let go of lifestyles they were accustomed to. A ch...


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