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Reflective essay
Realistic career aspiration is essential for a graduate’s personal growth and future development. I knew clearly I wanted to be a brand manager after graduation when I was in my sophomore year. In this essay, I will identify and explain the brand manager’s job role and requirements. Also, I will describe my long-term job aspirations after about five-year working as a brand manager and analyze why I choose that. Then based on the reflection of past experiences and views, I will use self-awareness tools to analyze how my skills and personality can be helpful for my aspirations. After that, I will identify my personal weakness which can become the challenges of my career choice. Finally, to maximize my strength and minimize my threats, I will make a specific goal for better achievement of my aspiration and then make a conclusion.
As one of the five directions of marketing careers, a brand manager is responsible for analyzing the collected information and developing a brand strategy which will be adapted to products, business campaigns, and some marketing promotions. (Creedy, 2015). Except for making strategies, brand managers also play the role of planning and executing the communication channels, which requires brand managers to have a strong ability to communicate and maintain good relationships with internal and external networking. Brand managers also need to assist with product development and pricing, managing the budget of campaigns as well as developing new business opportunities(Laura Lake, 2018), to achieve this, brand managers need to master analytic and basic financial skills, more importantly, they need to be ambitious and have an instinctive sense of future development.
After working as a brand manager for about five years, I plan to start up my own small business by making use of the social networking I accumulate and skills I will learn from previous work. It has been my dream to own my own business, and I believe it will be much easier after a long time hard working and accumulation, compared to start a business directly after graduation. In my freshman year, I participated in a college student entrepreneurship project held by the university。During the project, we needed to make a final business plan based on our entrepreneurship idea and try to persuade investors who might have the interest in our business plans. Before this, we needed to make marketing research after idea generation, and then make business model canvas, feasibility study and pitch deck. I was the leader of a team of five people, so it’s also essential for me to assign tasks reasonably and give full play to team members' characteristics through communication and cooperation。From this project, on the one hand, I've learned that I love entrepreneurship and leading, because it can bring me a sense of fulfillment and achievement. On the other hand, I realized there were too much to be learned before success. Without the knowledge...


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