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Assessment Task-2
By: Suraj Wadhwa
Every organization need productive employees for the success and effective running of it and employee are only be productive when they are satisfied with their job. An employee spends most of his time on workplace. If they love to do their work, they will get to spend much of their lives doing things that they enjoy doing. In reality, folks that are satisfied with their jobs are healthier and happier. Job satisfaction varies from person to person for some job satisfaction means earning six-digit salary, for some it means working time flexibility and for some people it means to have high position or occupying high position in the company for example CEO position. Grover and wahee suggests a worker will give his 100 percent in the direction of the growth and accomplishment of the company most effective if he's satisfied along with his job as well as with the organization. if you want to determine the task pride among the personnel, it is essential to identify the aspects that difficulty them; the mindset of the individuals toward their jobs is named as Job satisfaction or employee satisfaction (Grover, & Wahee, 2013). “Job satisfaction as feelings of contentment derived from the appraisal of one’s job and the understanding that the job is assisting in achieving one’s goals. Job dissatisfaction is the unpleasant affections that one feels if one appraises the job as a barrier in achieving one’s values”. (Weiss,2002, p. 174).
Some Theories of Job Satisfactions
There are lots of theories which try to explain job satisfaction. Some of famous theories are job characteristic theory, Alderfer- ERG, Expectancy Theory, Goal- Setting Theory, Equity Theory (Unutmaz, 2014).
Job Characteristic Theory: Job gives freedom to the worker in scheduling and figuring out the way to convey it out. feedback is the degree to which performing the activity outcomes in getting feedback. There are five main dimensions of a job that lead to three psychological states resulting in some personal and career outcomes (Hackman and Oldham 1976, p. 257).
ERG Theory: ERG stands for Existence-Relatedness-Growth Theory. This theory is the extension of mashlow hierarchy need theory this theory suggest that needs could be categorized into three categories, instead of five and these are; existence needs, psychological and safety needs; existence needs, and relatedness needs (Clayton Alderfer, 1969).
Goal- Setting Theory: Locke and Latham states that Goal-setting concept puts emphasis upon the importance of precise goals in acquiring motivation and satisfaction. within the goal placing manner, humans want to perform the desires to fulfil their goals and aspirations. The job responsibilities of the people are focused upon the success of go...


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