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Date submitted: 10-08-2018
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In recent years, there has been growing academic interest in the concept of job satisfactions. More and more orgainasations and employees focus on why job satisfactions have sharply decreasing. Job satisfactions can be examined many aspects, for instance, work flexibility, working hours, job itself, job security, job payment and so on. The research on long working hours is taking much considerable for the writer. As long working hours were mostly employer-driven, and as there’s not a clear definition of long working hours, so most of employees were not paid for extra hours worked. Employees have to work more than standard hours in order to achieve better career opportunities in the future. So employees with higher say in their working hours tended to work longer hours (Fagan, 2001).
This essay will be illustrating the reasons of long working hours caused low job satisfactions, the trend of long working hours in recent years, and based on the research, at the end of essay the writer will be slightly discussed how organisations can improve job satisfaction in terms of long working hours.
Data indicate that long working hours have more considerable
A survey conducted by Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) has revealed the level of job satisfaction among Australian workers in 2017. According to the survey, workers in Australia believe that the “very satisfied” are the job security and job flexibility, which are 40 per cent and 36 percent respectively. However, working hours located the bottom of the job satisfaction, which is about 30 per cent (Stefanovic, 2018). Compared with Job satisfaction survey in between 2012/2013, there was only a small amount workers in Australia claimed that they were “dissatisfied” with working hours, which was about 6.5%, the people who work over 40 hours per week, 33.5% were very satisfied with their jobs, while 43.9% say they are satisfied (SmartCompany, 2018). Based on two surveys result, it is clear that the long working hours dissatisfaction rate have dramatically increasing in recent years.
There’s another specific data focused on and revealed the Australia workers’ satisfaction. The result of job satisfaction survey in Tasmania showing that there are 60 per cent of 70-year-old are “very satisfied” for their job, compared with only 24 per cent of Generations Yers (those who were born between 1981-2000). The data indicates that more and more young employees have more needs to balanced between working time and life (Lloyd, 1995).
Although long working hours is not the top three reasons that people switch the job, it is the main reason that people are not satisfied with job. The following paragraphs are going to discuss the reas...


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