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Every morning, I take the same drive to Rutgers, Camden to go to school and as I approach the parking lot, I see the beautiful skyline of the city of Philadelphia. The first building that always grabs my attention is the PSFS building. Now the PSFS is known as the Loews Hotel, and it is a luxurious hotel that is recognized for its class, its elegant features, and its food. Sole Food is the restaurant in the Loews and after looking at the building everyday, I finally went to check it out.When I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by a lovely hostess and seated immediately. The restaurant has a cozy, hip feel to it and has a comfortable environment that all are sure to enjoy. It has a new and modern sense and features warm oval wood, tables set with rocks and candles, and has a beautiful lounge area that could have any person wanting to relax.The server, Michael, was very welcoming and very well-informed, and I quic ...view middle of the document...

Other notable dishes included Crab 3 Ways, which was Peeky Toe crab salad with roasted beets, Mary land Crab Cake with watercress tartar, and spicy crab chowder; Prince Edward Island Mussels that has a choice of tomato-basil, curry-cilantro or wasabi-ginger sauces; Crab Gnocchi with asparagus and woodland mushrooms. I also happened to look over the wine list just to see what they have for me when I turn twenty one. Their wine list seemed very prominent and distinguished and there were many great highlights from the list (from what I was told).The server was very attentive and returned with our Popcorn Shrimp within fifteen minutes. It looked absolutely delicious. The shrimp was succulent and tender, and poured out of a movie popcorn bag along with real popcorn. The presentation was delightful and the shrimp was even better. The fried shrimp was covered in a warm butter and they were among the sweetest and most moist I have ever tasted.Moments later Michael returned with my entrée. The filet mignon was cooked to perfection and released a seductive smell when placed in front of me. The filet was tender and juicy and it was accompanied by creamy potatoes and baby arugula. The presentation was simple, but the meal was delicious nonetheless. The filet was seasoned perfectly and it fulfilled my appetite beyond my expectations. Also, the potatoes were in fact creamy as well as mouth-watering.Even though I finished my entire entrée, I still had some room for desert. Everything from the Port Glazed Pear tart to the Butterscotch pot-de-cream, sounded wonderful. I decided on the strawberry "tall" cake, a clever pun or not, the desert did fit it's description. The strawberry shortcake stacked very high and was absolutely scrumptious and completely satisfied my sweet tooth.Overall, my decision to check out Sole Food at the Loews Hotel was a good decision. It had great service, great food, and a great environment. Although Sole Food is considered a seafood restaurant, with the inclusion of other meals it could have anyone, seafood lovers or not, coming back for more.


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1751 words - 8 pages the price.” (In December, WCP declared the Shaw Bijou the “Most Overhyped Restaurant” of the year.) Corby Kummer’s full-length review for the Washingtonian dropped the first week of January, three days after the restaurant’s two-month anniversary: “As for whether the food merits this constant warmup: Not really. But then pretty much nothing would.” Some diners complain that the price of food is not proportional to the quality. Along with the

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340 words - 2 pages Free Thesis: Working as a dishwasher in a restaurant was my worst job.I worked in various types of jobs during my summer vacation while I was pursuing for my degree course in Electronic Engineering. Jobs that I had worked were as waitress, promoter, cashier, and tuition teacher. However, working as a dishwasher in a restaurant was my worst job. It was considered my worst job because of the bad working conditions, long working hours, and low pay.The

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1210 words - 5 pages area that raised the average income in the town, then it is quite likely that the restaurant would have been able to survive.MarketLine Business Information CenterMcDonald's would benefit from an independent review of their corporation. Said review should provide input on their strengths and weaknesses. MarketLine Business Information Center (MarketLine) is a strongly peer reviewed research database. A search of MarketLine results in a SWOT analysis

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789 words - 4 pages Blossoming Lotus, Portlands #1 vegan Restaurant, is looking for an enthusiastic and reliable host/expeditor to join our team. At the heart of why we are here is to feed and nourish people with a plant-based menu featuring the highest quality ingredients available, creatively crafted and made with love. We want every person coming in our doors to feel completely satisfied, nourished and sated. Position Summary: The primary role of the host

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3641 words - 15 pages Free Zoës Kitchen began in 1995 as a family-run restaurant in Homewood, Alabama. The company's owner, president & CEO, John Cassismus had turned his attention from his own business ventures to the family business, with desires to build a world-class company. Mostly frequented by mothers with small children and white-collar employees in the area, the restaurant catered to those consumers with a desire for healthy foods at comparatively lower

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2605 words - 11 pages ways to make a positive impact on people. To achieve this objective Kellogg's needs to undertake detailed market research to understand and test the market for customer preferences.In a groundbreaking initiative Kellogg's created and implemented a Crunchy Nut (CN) restaurant in 2012, and again in 2013, which invited consumers to a unique 'outdoor' experience to taste new products and actively engage with the Crunchy Nut brand."You are invited to

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1350 words - 6 pages cars and even eat expensive food. These things are not purchased because the individuals need them to survive, rather Americans feel that all of these things portray a level of success in life and reflect a certain status. The purchase of these services or items to portray a status shows trends that are currently a part of American pop culture.Restaurant trends are affected by pop culture as well. Whether the type of restaurant becomes popular

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2623 words - 11 pages confuses people. There is a listener who name Allen, having an inquiry about how to use preposition after the verb “stumble”. He was confused with this verb and its preposition when he read the book review of Barbara Kingsolver, which is about the lost history of a woman who name Mary Treat. When he saw the sentence “Barbara Kingsolver, one of America's hardiest novelists, stumbled on the lost history

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749 words - 3 pages . Transition: Next time you go to a restaurant or order a drink make the decision to say no straw. That way we can protect marine life and our oceans. One of the other major harms to marine life is single use plastic bags. III. The third thing we can do to help minimize the use of plastic is eliminating our use of plastic bags. a. There are multiple states that have state legislation on plastic and paper bags (National Conference of State Legislatures

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6218 words - 25 pages Free Plus program is recognized as the largest corporate initiative of its kind in the food service industry. On October 6, 1997, Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. was formed as a result of a spin-off from PepsiCo Inc. of the three restaurant concepts - Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell. Pizza Hut launches "Totally New Pizzas", a quality initiative putting sliced, fresh vegetables and meatier meat toppings on pizzas.Part I. Situation Analysis4 P's Product

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3420 words - 14 pages corporation, and this is primarily done through high engagement level with both customers and stakeholders, to ensure that their future plans can be rolled out seamlessly, having consulted their two biggest pillars of support. It is almost impossible for an organisation to be perfect in whatever they do; however, McDonald’s is committed to continuous review and improvement of their practices and policies, thus recommendations are put out on the

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1538 words - 7 pages assistant manager in a local restaurant I dealt with most of the clients, this helped in me developing really good communication skills. Actuality getting involved in such type of professional conversations improved my level of communication and taught me how to behave in a professional manner. Also I would like to say that communication is a dual practice, you not only get to talk and build on your communication skill but, you also get to listen

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3915 words - 16 pages Free considerations influencing pecans in the United States according to statistics from 1980 to now. Data The data used in this study is from 1980 to 2017 season average grower prices received. I sorted nut items in view of various bundling in the clench hand step, at that point divided into subgroups of tree nuts and shell nuts. The six classifications are Pecans, almonds, cashews, walnuts, Macadamias and pistachios. Literature Review The U.S. pecan industry